[31days27] “How Do I Organize My Scrapbook Space?”

by Lain Ehmann on July 28, 2013


31 Days of Scrapbooking Questions - ANSWERED! http://layoutaday.comSo you’re lucky enough to have a scrapbooking space of your own. Maybe it’s a whole room, or maybe it’s just a corner in the family rec room. Doesn’t matter – you rock! But how do you keep order in your room if you’re either sharing a space or you want other people to be able to view your craft room without having an air sickness bag in hand? 😉

Today I bring in a special guest, professional organizer Aby Garvey of Simplify101.com, to weigh in on the question:

“How Do I Keep My Scrapbook Space Visitor-Worthy?”

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    • Simplify101  classes include Organize Your Paper Clutter, Secrets of Staying Organized, How to Organize Your Closet, Simplify Your Life with Habits and Routines. Check them out!

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Simplify 101′s online classes make getting organized with a professional organizer affordable, fast and fun. You’ll cut clutter and reduce stress, giving you more time for what matters most to you!

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