90 Layouts a Year Makes Me VERY Happy!

by Lain Ehmann on January 16, 2012

Let me ask you a few things…

-Do you love scrapbooking? (DUH!)

-Do you want to scrapbook more? (DUH!)

-Do you want to make new scrappy friends? (OF COURSE!)

Then why oh why have you NOT signed up for LOAD212? We’ll be spending 29 days together, creating dozens of layouts that will preserve yesterday while creating NEW memories with fun scrappy people!

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be sharing some inner workings and ideas about Layout a Day, as well as what some past LOADsters have to say about the Layout a Day process. Fair warning: It’s going to be LOAD-heavy around here!

Why the push to have you sign up? Well, it’s simply life-changing! Let’s let see what Alison has to say:

“90 layouts a year makes me VERY happy!”

“I have successfully completed every LOAD since it was introduced except one … I don’t know whether it is the thrill of the competition, the regular prompts or the regular comraderie but whatever it is it works… It has helped me to know that I can be fast when I need to be. It has helped me prioritize stories and layouts. It has helped me get it down!..It is certainly a win-win situation for me. 90 layouts a year makes me VERY happy! Thanks Lain! I love LOAD!”

– Alison

I’ll be sharing more thoughts about LOAD from me and others in the days to come. Got questions? Let me know!

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