About Lain

Take a helping of Rachael Ray, a sprinkle of Martha Stewart, and a dash of Ellen DeGeneres, shake well until blended, and what do you get? Lain Ehmann, scrapbook lover!

Lain is a fast-talking, fast-scrapping human dynamo with three kids, tons of ideas, and more books than she could ever read in this lifetime. The author of several books on scrapbooking, including “Snippets: Mostly True Tales from the Lighter Side of Scrapbooking” and “20 Simple Secrets of Happy Scrapbookers” (co-authored with Stacy Julian), Lain loves sharing her philosophy of guilt-free, simple scrapbooking.

Lain blogs at Layout A Day, and hosts a membership site, ScrapHappy. Three times a year, she hosts a monthlong scrapbooking challenge, Layout a Day (LOAD). Through her challenges, classes, blogs, books, articles, podcasts and videos, Lain helps women make their scrapbooking fun, fast, and fabulous.

Background: A graduate of Stanford University and Syracuse University, Lain spent the first years of her work life in government, working for Massachusetts governor William Weld and the city government of Milpitas, Calif. After having enough of politics, Lain began a stint in high-tech public relations, which quickly morphed into a career as a journalist, as she soon tired of corporate politics (see a theme??). To date, she has written over 5000 articles for publications as diverse as Runner’s World, the Boston Globe, and Selling Power Magazine. Until the publication folded in 2009, Lain had her dream job as a contributing editor for Simple Scrapbooks Magazine, the best scrapbooking magazine ever.

Personal: A native Californian, Lain now lives with her family (husband John, son Benjamin, and daughters Kinsey and Callie) in Lexington, Mass. Although a die-hard West Coaster, she adores New England (at least 8 months of the year!). She loves reading, writing, cooking, working out, and doing the New York Times crossword puzzle.

For workshops, speaking, in-person classes, or questions about where to find great Japanese food in airports around the country, contact Lain at lain@layoutaday.com.