Hello, Awesome One!

Please review the FAQs on this page in the hopes they’ll answer your ever whim. AFTER you read this page, if you still have questions, please email lain@layoutaday.com. We’d be glad to help you! BUT… if the answer to your question is on this page, we’re just going to send you back here anyway. So you might as well save yourself the effort and find the answer here. 😉

NOTE: Except during LOAD challenges and True Scrap, we are closed on Sundays and holidays (gotta have time to MAKE those memories!). Any email received on holidays or Sundays will be answered ASAP on the next business day.

Help! I clicked on the link in my receipt, and it doesn’t work.

  • Try cutting and pasting it into your browser, rather than just clicking.
  • If the link has expired, please forward your PayPal receipt to lain@layoutaday.com.

Help! I signed up for XYZ or bought Product ABC, and I didn’t receive my email.

Check your spam and trash folder. 99 percent of  the time, that’s where the email is. To prevent this same problem in the future, make sure to add lain@layoutaday.com to your contacts/address book to ensure emails are delivered in the future.
Also, our system is set up to send your purchases to the email in your PayPal account. Please check THAT email in-box for your purchase.
Still can’t find it? Please forward your PayPal receipt to lain@layoutaday.com.

Help! The video isn’t working for the product I purchased.

If you are having trouble viewing a video, please follow these trouble-shooting suggestions:
  • Use a wired connection. Many videos are very large, and wireless connections are not their friend. Move to a wired connection and try again.
  • Some videos are up to an hour in length. To avoid the stop-start, let the video buffer fully before you press “play.”
  • Update your browser. Try updating your Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer browser. These updates are available free from the browser site.
  • Try a different browser.

Help! I forgot my password for the ScrapHappy message board!

Head over here and click on the “sign in” button in the upper right corner. From there you can request your password.

Help! I don’t have the password for the ScrapHappy blog posts.

Check the bottom of the daily email updates from ScrapHappy, or the email you received when you joined, or the email you received at the beginning of the month. The password is reset each month, and is mailed out in an email with the month’s name as the subject line. For instance, search your email for a subject line of MARCH for March’s password. Make sure to check the trash and your spam filter!

Help! I need to cancel my ScrapHappy membership.

We’re sorry to see you go. Please refer to the instructions here. Note: Your membership will be canceled IMMEDIATELY upon completing these steps. Should you choose to re-enroll, your membership will start at the current monthly rate.

What’s your favorite adhesive/trimmer/patterned paper?

Please refer to my list of favorites here.

Help! I have a general question, like how to emboss, why my trimmer isn’t working, or some other general scrappy-type question.

Please post your query on the Layout a Day Facebook page to get input from Lain and the community.

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