Creating Eclectic Titles for Your Scrapbook Pages

by Lain Ehmann on November 8, 2011

Over at the Layout a Day Facebook page, Heather asked about using up leftover letter stickers by creating eclectic titles. I don’t do this as much as I used to, but I definitely have created some catch-all titles. Here are some tips for doing so successfully:

1. Match the feel of the page to the title. If you have a formal wedding photo, for example, you may not want to do a “ransom note” style title, as the feeling is much more casual and fun. They work great for kids’ pages or pages that have a fun vibe. Here is an example:

For “SocHer” the random title letters work well. It’s a fun, active, kid page, and the mixed-up letters contribute to the sense of motion and play.

2. To make it easier to read, make the letters share a common element. Keeping the letters all in the same color family (all red, for example, but all different fonts), the same size (all different colors and fonts, but all similar height), or all the same font (with different colors mixed in) can help the title read more easily and seem more cohesive. Examples:

For this page, the red letters work together as a single design element.

Here, the letters are similar sizes and similar fonts. It makes it easier to read and it’s obvious they belong together.

3. Keep the title short! Reading a long, mixed-up title is a recipe for confusion. I try to keep these types of titles to just a handful of letters:

Heather, I hope this helps you out! And for the rest of you — if you have questions for me on design, journaling, CSI, or Hugh Jackman, you can post them on my Facebook page. 🙂


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