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Do You Want to Make Money with Your Scrapbooking or Crafting Blog?

“Join Me Tuesday, Dec. 11
So I Can Answer YOUR Business Questions!”

As a six-figure scrapbooking business owner, I’ve learned a lot about what to do — and what NOT to do — to create a successful crafting business online. Now I’m going to share my experiences with you in a one-hour session, “Crafting Biz Blog Basics.” We’ll spend an hour together, covering your most burning business questions…

We’ll Cover Topics Like:

  • How I Built My Business to Six Figures in Eighteen Months
  • How to Make Your Blog Stand Out in the Crowd
  • Eight Different Ways to Monetize Your Blog
  • At What Point You Can Start Making Money
  • …And More!

If you’re serious about building your blog into a business, then you need to attend this event! I’ll also be inviting a limited number of blog owners to join me in a month-long training course to build your blog-based business in 30 days.

The only way to get access is to enter your email below.

See you on Tuesday, Dec. 11!

Lain Ehmann



**Please double-check that your email address is correct or you won’t be able to get all the training material. I take your privacy very seriously – your information is kept 100% confidential.

**As soon as you register, you’ll receive an email message titled “Hey! Confirm Your Request to Attend!” Open that message and click on the enclosed link to confirm your registration!

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