Dear Famous Scrapbooker, Part II

by Lain Ehmann on September 22, 2010


Dear Famous Scrapbook Designer:

You told me you’d changed.

I trusted you.

You broke my heart again.

After last time, I said, “Never again.” I put away your cute packaging. I pushed your layout ideas to the back of my desk. I took your blog off my Bloglines list.

I was done. Finished. My heart was hardened against you. I didn’t even blink when you sent me e-mails about your new flash and bling. I paged past your cute ads in the scrapbook magazines. I began to heal, to fill the spot you once occupied with other products that granted, weren’t as cute as you, but were much more dependable.

Then you e-mailed me. You told me this time it would be different. You promised you’d stick when you said you’d stick, and rub-on when you said you’d rub on.

I believed your hollow promises.

At first, things were good. I tried you out on little projects – a rhinestone here, a chipboard letter there. All was good. You stuck by me like you promised you would.


Then it all fell apart – literally. I was working on a big one – the first day of school layout for my first-grader. It was almost done – but it needed a little “something.” I found your rub-on sheet in my file. I leafed by it once or twice, thinking, We’re just not ready for that big a commitment.

But I kept coming back to you. I thought about how adorable the design would be – perfect for the spot I had. So I took a deep breath and took the plunge.

At first it looked okay. You started to move, and I exhaled, thinking that all was okay. But then I knew it had been a mistake to trust you again. You gave up. You just sat there, staring at me, refusing to budge no matter how hard I rubbed, pleaded, begged, and prayed. No go.

That’s it. We’re finished.

Don’t write. Don’t call. Don’t lure me to your CHA booth with cute packaging and fun colors. I don’t want to hear your empty promises. I’m done opting for flash over substance.

My codependent days are over. I’m going to get healthy now. So stay away. I don’t think my heart can take another disappointment like this one. It would have been bad enough if you’d just said “No.” But to go halfway and then change your mind… now I’m left with a shabby chic layout where none was intended. The marks on my heart (and my picture) will never go away.

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