Digital Scrapbooking Primer: Painting, Cutting, Misting and Inking

by Lain Ehmann on January 18, 2012

Do you want to achieve more artsy looking layouts?
Are you inspired by all the fun paper scrapbookers have with their misting, stamping, inking and more?
Have you mastered the basics of digiscrapping? Are you are wanting to do something more than just clip in your papers and photos?
Do you want to learn techniques to use them on a digital page?

Read on for the top tips for these techniques and watch the videos to see how you can repeat these effects on your own layouts.

Paint on your page

You can watch the video in full screen mode: Click to start playing the video – then you can click on the far right button (4 arrows outwards ). See them in all their glory and actually be able to read the text and see what I am doing!

Steps for painting on your digital page:

  1. Choose a colour – use the Eye dropper tool (shortcut key I )
  2. Select a brush – I suggest the Watercolor Loaded Wet Flat Tip
  3. Create a New layer so you don’t mess up your page
  4. Reduce the opacity of the brush on the Options bar
  5. Paint away!

I used Flerg’s November Afternoon kit in these examples. You can buy Flerg’s products at Scrapbookgraphics.

Cut your Paper

Use the Marquee Tool

To cut a shape from your paper

  1. Select the paper you want to cut with the move tool
  2. Select the Rectangular or Elliptical Marquee tool
  3. Create a selection
  4. Go to Layer – New… Create Layer via Copy (Ctrl+J or Cmd+J on a Mac) to create a new layer from your selection
  5. Hide the original layer by clicking on the eye icon

To cut a hole in your paper

  • Select the paper you want to cut with the move tool
  • Select the Elliptical Marquee tool
  • Create a selection in the shape of the hole you want to create
  • Press Delete
  • Go to the Select menu, then Deselect (or press Ctrl+D, Cmd+D on a Mac) to deselect the marquee

Use the Cookie Cutter Tool

  1. Select your Cookie Cutter tool
  2. Select the shape you want to use
  3. Click and drag to draw the shape
  4. Move or resize it until you are happy
  5. Click the green check mark to apply the changes
  6. Your paper is cut!

Ink the edges of your paper

One simple way to ink or paint the edges of your cut paper is:

  1. Click on your cut paper with the move tool
  2. Create a new layer
  3. Click Layer – Create Clipping Mask (Ctrl+G or Cmd+G) so that you paint only your cut paper
  4. Double click on the foreground colour swatch and select a colour.
  5. Use your brush tool and paint around the edges of your paper.

Create a Spray Mist using a Brush

This is a two step process, but it will save you hours of drying time!

Install your brush

  1. Download one of the brush sets from my Spray Mist resources page.
  2. Unzip the file, it will be an ABR file.
  3. Click on Edit- Preset Manager.
  4. Click on the Preset type drop down menu and select brushes
  5. Click on the load button
  6. Browse to the .ABR file (that you just unzipped)
  7. Click open
  8. Select your new brush from the Brush options bar

Stamp your spray mist on your page!

  1. Create a new layer (Ctrl+Shift+N or Cmd+Shift+N on a Mac)
  2. Select your brush
  3. Resize using the [ or ] keys to make them smaller or larger
  4. Click once to stamp the brush
  5. Adjust the opacity or blend mode of your layer until you are happy with the result.

Stamp using the Brush Tool

Install your brush as above. I used the The Daily Digi’s 10 Reason’s Brushes

  1. Select your brush
  2. Resize using the [ or ] keys to make them smaller or larger
  3. Click once to stamp the brush
  4. Adjust the opacity or blend mode of your layer until you are happy with the result.

Want to learn more about these techniques?

For just $20 you can get access to the recording of my live workshop: Digital Scrapbooking Secrets: Stamping, Misting and More. Which includes all of the above techniques PLUS

  • Neater painting with selections
  • Learn more misting techniques
  • How to open brushes in Photoshop Elements
  • 3 other ways to cut shapes from your paper
  • Create your own brushes
  • Tips for painting a straight line
  • A PDF of the workshop slides

Live Webinar – Get your Questions Answered!

In this webinar I’ll demonstrate how to create a digital scrapbook page from a template (which you’ll receive for free when you register) and a digital scrapbooking kit. I’ve also set aside plenty of time to answer your questions.
You will also have the chance to win my Simple Album Template set valued at $47!

Date: Sunday, January 22

Time: 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM (Eastern Time) (view and register in your timezone)

Cost – Free!

This workshop will be run online using a webinar system. All you need to do is register for the workshop using the button above. You’ll receive a reminder email one week before, one day before, and one hour before the workshop begins. You just log in with your name and email address and start watching my presentation. I am always keen for you to type questions and I answer them live via my webcam.

The webinar includes:

  • Live streaming of my screen and webcam and I walk you through the workshop
  • Text chat with me and other participants
  • Question and answer session: get your questions answered on the spot!

Coming up in the Digital Scrapbooking Primer

  • Free live workshop on January 22
  • Next week: Getting your supplies under control
  • Questions and Answers  – I’ll be answering your questions in an upcoming post, so please ask them in the comments below.


I’d love to hear your questions in the comments of this post, what do you want to know about Photoshop Elements?

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I’m Melissa Shanhun, digital scrapbooking educator and owner of Digital Scrapbooking HQ where I answer your digital scrapbooking questions with video tutorials, one-on-one classes and free online workshops.

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I’ve been focusing my skills on digital scrapbooking since October 2007, and I’ve been teaching in person classes in Perth, Western Australia since 2009. In 2011 I launched Digital Scrapbooking HQ, where I’m creating a unique system where you can get your Photoshop questions answered and you can use your computer to do what you want it to!

My work has been featured at The Daily Digi, Scrapbookgraphics, and the Daily Scrapper. I’m currently on the team for Wendyzine Scraps and was published in the 2012 Log your Memory Memory Logbook.

Want to take the plunge into digital for February’s LOAD? All month long I’ve got a special discount on my 31 digital templates set for Layout A Day readers – a massive 50% off! Check out the details of my Simple Digital Album Template Pack here.

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