by Lain Ehmann on May 4, 2011

The votes have been tallied and the paint has been purchased! Thanks so much for  all your thoughtful comments. I took to heart many of the suggestions and concerns you had. And to answer some questions:

-The room is on the third floor, with one large window facing southeast. It actually seems quite bright to me.

-I am not painting the hallway — too long, and I think it would be tough with the carpet.

-The mirror is staying, but I’m likely going to put a bookshelf in front of it or cover it with dry erase paint if I can get that to work!

So. I went with option “E.” 🙂

Benjamin Moore’s Pear Green. I was concerned that the Grape Green was too yellow (not one of my fave colors) and that some of the others would be too dark, as mentioned. So when I was at the paint store there were large swatches (over a foot square) of paint samples and I fell in love with this:

I think it’s going to be beautiful!

The painter comes tomorrow. And today I went to Ikea and ended up with TONS of stuff, including all this:

(But not including that man in the khakis. He belongs to someone else.) It’s all being delivered tomorrow, and I have a call in to a handyman to put it all together. The kitchen island I want is out of stock, but they hope to get more on Monday. In the meantime, I ordered this worktable:

The legs are different, and I think mine is a bit wider, but it’s similar. This is separate from my computer desk; that looks like this:

They don’t look like much now, but I’m way excited! Can’t wait to start putting it together.

Our winner of the random drawing for making great suggestions is Noelle who said:

“Beautiful house! I aspire to a house like that someday. (In a condo currently.) My vote, by the way, is for D. It seems the most neutral of the choices. I say neutral, because then you can change out the curtains and other decore as you want, and don’t have to worry about matching as much. That said…my office is a very bright blue.

Don’t you love Ikea for craft desks? I have the Expedit desk myself and LOVE it.”

Noelle, email me your address for your goodies! I’m cleaning out and purging so you’re sure to get something GOOD. 😉

Thanks again, everyone! More updates coming soon…

P.S. For those of you with craft room envy, let me just say this was a long time coming! I scrapped in a closet for about five years. And since we’ve been on the run, ahem, I mean, MOVING every six months (it seems like!) this is the first time I’ve felt settled enough to invest in paint!

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