Easy Christmas Scrapbook Project: Photo Charm Necklace

by Lain Ehmann on November 7, 2010




*Patera Deep Pendants in your choice of metals/sizes made by Nunn Design (click here for a list of online retail stores)

*Index prints (larger are better)


*Diamond Glaze or UTEE (ultra-thick embossing element)

*Bead chain and fastener trimmed to preferred length


Step One: Using your choice of pendant as a template, cut a photo from your index sheet. You may need to trim a slightly larger piece of cardstock to mount the photo on, if the index print is too small.


Step Two: Mount the photo onto the cardstock if needed. A single swipe of adhesive is sufficient because the whole thing is going to be coated in UTEE or Diamond Glaze.


Step Three: Put a bit of a smear of Diamond Glaze in the base of the pendant. (If you are using UTEE, use a glue dot or something to stick the photo down). If you are the cautious type and are worried it will fall out, go ahead and use double-sided tape to stick it down (you are probably the type who insists on sitting bolt-upright on any  flight you take, for fear that the plane will plummet out of the sky if not for your constant vigilence).


Step Four: Pop in the photo.


Step Five: Coat the whole shebang with Diamond Glaze. Start at the edges and work your way in. As you can see here, the glaze will look murky when it is wet (I’m not THAT bad of a photographer!). It will become clear as it dries. Give it a good 12 hours to dry and harden. DO NOT (Let me repeat, DO NOT) try to speed the drying process by using your heat gun. It may seem like it is working, but the second your back is turned, strange things will happen, and when you look back again you will see weird globule-like things in your Diamond Glaze that will look like some sort of alien being has taken up residence. This will not be pleasant. So do yourself a favor and just let the darned thing dry. 12 hours isn’t THAT long to wait!

NOTE: I recommend using Diamond Glaze instead of UTEE. For me, it is less work and gives a smoother finish (no loose granules to deal with). But if you insist… you will follow steps 1-4 above, then you will either heat your UTEE in a cute little heater thingy that Tim Holtz makes look so darned easy on his videos and then pour it into the pendant, taking care not to accidentally spill any on your fingers (which burns like the dickens)…

…Or you will pour a layer of UTEE granules over your photo in the pendant, and attempt to heat it with your heat gun, without spewing the UTEE everywhere. I was not successful in this quest, so now I have UTEE in places UTEE just should not be. I tried covering the pendant with a square of foil and heating through the foil, which provided a certain level of success, but not enough to make me say, “OH my gosh, this was so fun, I cannot wait to do it again!” Instead, I muttered, “Oh my gosh, why on earth did I buy this huge vat of UTEE? I will never use it again!”

But to each her own, so do what feels right. 🙂

Variations: Key chains. Kids’ art shrunk down and sized to fit. New mom/grandma pendants… dried flowers, love notes, etc. etc. etc.

I love mine and wear it almost every week! I ALWAYS get comments on it. Make your own – and make one as a gift!

P.S. This tutorial first appeared on my “other” scrapbook blog, “ScrapHappy.” I thought I’d repost it here because it’s a perfect Christmas gift! Enjoy!

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