Did You Get a Camera for Christmas?

by KelliP on January 15, 2013


Is your New Year’s Resolution learning how to use that camera? Then I have the class for you! “Digital Camera Settings Made Easy” from Easy Photo Class will get you on the way to Digital Camera mastery.  Whether you have a cute little compact camera or you upgraded to a fancy DSLR, you’ll learn the top 10 digital camera settings and how to use them to improve your photography… and if you buy today, you’ll save 60%! Jerry, of Easy Photo Class, has offered Layout a Day readers a special coupon that makes this $136 workshop less than $55!

You’re going to learn:

  • Drive Modes: Take a series of photos of a moving subject.
  • Focus Settings: Focus on a moving subject
  • White Balance: Get great color in your photos, even indoors.
  • Quality Settings: Set your camera for the highest quality images.
  • ISO Settings: Set your ISO to take photos in low light and help stop action
  • Lens Opening: Blur the background behind your subject.
  • Shutter Speed: Stop action in your photographs.
  • Shooting Modes: When to choose Auto, Semi-Auto, or Manual setting.
  • Light Meter Settings: Measure light in different lighting situations.
  • Flash: Use flash outdoors and indoors and how to set hot shoe flash.
  • Learn the #1 rule to recover deleted images.
  • Memory card and battery tips.
  • Lens care and much more!

As a special bonus to Layout A Day readers, Jerry has offered three FREE tutorials:

1. Digital Camera ISO settings video: How to set your digital cameras ISO setting to help you take photos in low light and help stop action.
Click this Link: ISO Video
2. Fourteen Photo Tips: Recovering deleted images, resetting your camera, pricing your photography, transferring images to computer, etc.
Click this Link: Photo Tips
3. How to Buy & Use Photo Equipment Workshop: Tips on how to use different pieces of photography equipment, like lenses and tripods, and how to choose it.
Click this Link: Equipment Guide

This is a limited time offer and will last until January 31st. To claim your special discount, just click on the image below and enter code Scrap Happy 60 at checkout. Then get ready to learn!

P.S. This offer is ONLY good until midnight on 1/31/13. So click here, enter Scrap Happy 60 at checkout, and save your 60%! 🙂

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