Ep 71 Simple Scrapbooking Podcast: Facebook for Scrapbookers

by Lain Ehmann on April 18, 2013


Simple Scrapbooking podcast with Lain Ehmann - Ep. 71Are you on Facebook? Well, over a billion people are! Not only is it a great place to connect with old boyfriends (hehe) and raise virtual farm animals, it’s also a great way to inspire and energize your scrapbooking. In this episode, let me count the ways!

Links in this episode:

LOAD513 (starts May 1)

Scrapbook Improv (April 24)


Crafting Your Business Step-by-Step ebook

Post on “Boston: We Can Help”

The Greg Hill Foundation

Layout a Day on Facebook

CHA on Facebook

Traci Reed on Facebook

Pam Donnis Odd on Facebook

Gossamer Blue on Facebook


P.S. Leave me a comment about how you use Facebook. And also let me know if you’re interested in a virtual crop on National Scrapbook Day!

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