Fast Father’s Day Card Options

by Lain Ehmann on June 6, 2011

I know, I know – I’m all about the handmade, but sometimes (especially this time of year!) you just run out of time. And seriously, my husband wouldn’t notice the difference between a handmade card that took me three hours to create, and one I picked up at 7-11 on my morning run. He just ain’t that particular.

I did do well on the present front. I think we’re all set: A car detailing from me, Superman boxers from Callie, a Sudoku book from Ben, and a happy face dish scrubber from Kinsey (he’s in charge of getting the dishes IN the dishwasher; Kinsey gets them out). Now if I can just remember where everything IS! ;)LINESPACE

So if you are in the “better get this done right now” boat, here are a few options for Father’s Day cards that will allow you to cross one more item off your ever-long to-do list:LINESPACE

Tiny Prints. Tiny Prints offers the best of both worlds — a customizable Father’s Day card that says “Yes, I did something besides plop my debit card on the counter at the Hallmark Store” but also doesn’t require hours to put together. AND if you order by end-of-day 6/6, you can use code GC99 to get a card for as low as $.99!!! Wow! Totally doing this for my daddy in California (another man who wouldn’t notice if I sent him a used napkin or a hand-crafted gem). If you’ve ordered from them before, you know their quality is unsurpassed. Good stuff, that Tiny Prints!LINESPACE

Cardstore. Cardstore also offers cards you can personalize. AND they’re running a special right now where if you order a Father’s Day card, they’ll give you the stamps for you to mail it to him for free! Stamps aren’t cheap these days, so use code SENDDAD at checkout. I think that’s a cute little promo, but if you’d rather have a FREE card, you can do that too: Just use code FREECARD at checkout for a free card AND free shipping!

Now, I’m off to go shopping.

P.S. If you’ve got more than one “dad” in your life — as I do — why not take advantage of BOTH of these promotions? I’m gonna send one to my dad in CA and one to hubby here at home. 🙂

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