Fingerprints on the Photos.

by Lain Ehmann on September 26, 2011

One of the things I love the most about scrapbooking is the way that 100 people can take the exact same products and come up with entirely different pages. When you set your own photos and stories (not to mention your own preferences and design sense) against a backdrop of your own making, you can’t help but put your own fingerprint on your scrapbook layout.

Your choice of topic, your title, your handwriting (yet another reason I recommend handwriting on your pages!), your photos… these all make your layout “yours.”

Even if you start with the exact same materials, you will come to a different end. Just as one cook might add a little dash of paprika or a little more parsley than another, you might take a little more space for journaling, or add five buttons instead of two, or turn the whole page on its side.

That is fun.

That is good.

That, my friends, is what scrapbooking is all about — putting a little bit of you in your albums, page by page, story by story.

Don’t believe me? Let’s try this experiment:

Create a scrapbook layout using the following materials:

  • one sheet of white cardstock
  • one sheet of red cardstock
  • one sheet of yellow cardstock
  • patterned paper with white, red, and yellow in it
  • two 4×6 photos
  • A page border of some sort
  • white letter stickers
  • journaling pen (or computer for journaling)
You can use more or less, but stick to these core objects. Oh, and make your page about a birthday (we just had that podcast all about scrapbooking birthdays).
Of course, you don’t HAVE to do this. But I’m really interested to see what diversity we have here. I’m doing it too. Post your page to an online gallery or your blog, and add the link below. No prize, no reward. Just an experiment in individuality.
Ready? Go. 🙂
P.S. if this experiment in individuality goes well, we’ll do it again. So give it a shot. I wanna see. Not only will it be fun, it’ll be a great way to get some new folks to your blog. 

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