Five Things Your Photos Want You to Know

by Lain Ehmann on November 7, 2011

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Hey there! We’re your photos. You know, the ones that sit on your computer hard drive, or languish on your camera’s SD card. We thought we’d pop in here and share a few thoughts that we’ve been thinking about. We want us to have a long and happy relationship together, so we figured we’d just get some things straight.

1. We are not your memories. Seriously, we get it. You look at us and see your child and feel like we ARE your children. But we’re not. We’re not your relatives, not your high school football game. If we should disappear tomorrow, you might be sad, but we are not the stories. Your stories and memories will live on whether we’re there or not.

2. You don’t have to love us all the same. Some of us, by nature, are just more attractive than others. Some of us are more important than others. That’s okay. We get it.

3. We get lonely. We hate being developed and then left in a drawer or a box. If you really like us, don’t ignore us. Put us in albums, or put us in your scrapbooks. Put us somewhere you can appreciate us. The more you see us, the more you’ll love us.

4. We are not irreplaceable. There was a time when, if you destroyed one of us, that was it. But that’s not the case. First of all, most of us are probably twins or triplets. Also, we’re like Dollie the Sheep; you can create more where we came from, as long as you have the original DNA (digital file). Feel free to replicate at will.

5. We like to play. Paint us, crumple us, rip and tear us. Try new actions, crop us, and convert us to sepia or black and white. We really like it. And if you don’t like the results? Well, then, see #4 above.

There. We’re glad we got all that out in the open. We feel much better now. And we hope you do, too.

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