Guest Post: Simple Daily Routines for Scrapbookers

by Lain Ehmann on September 30, 2010

Note: Today I’m so pleased to bring you a post by my fellow simple scrapbooker, Jennifer S. Wilson. Jennifer is an inspiring force in today’s scrapbooking world, and I hang on her every word!

When I first heard about Lain’s Layout A Day class, I did a double take. Every. Single. Day. Seriously? But I let the idea rumble around my brain a little more and ended up with a bit of a revelation. Routines breed simplicity and help make life easier. What’s not to love?

I also realized that the practice of memory keeping can easily be a part of my everyday, whether or not I am scrapbooking. There are little steps anyone can take to facilitate documentation and inspiration as well as lay the groundwork for deeper meaning and creativity in scrapbooking.

5 practical tips for real life memory keeping

1. Keep your camera close. Whether it’s your phone, a point and shoot or your DSLR, know where you camera is and reach for it often. Try to look at the world through an invisible viewfinder, always with an eye for interesting compositions and colors that make you happy. Take photos just for fun, focusing on all the impromptu moments of joy in life.

2. Write things down. If you have perfectionist tendencies like me, keeping a formal journal can be a stressful process. Avoid your cravings for uniformity by sharing your words in every format possible. Annotate, add descriptions, write on the back of things – make it a habit to add just a little extra detail so you have more of the story later.

3. Listen more. It’s human nature to talk about our lives and have veins of self-centeredness running through us. Be more mindful and deliberate in your speech so that you create opportunities for others. Invite sharing, pay attention and truly open your heart and mind to the stories and wisdom of others. Let it inspire you and wrap you in the warmth that only fond memories can bring.

4. Edit your life. How does less equal more? It seems counter-intuitive, I know. By reducing clutter and excess in your life, in an ongoing fashion, you are committing to elevating what remains to places of honor and celebration. Your life actually becomes more full of meaning, your possessions holding more stories, as you edit your world to that which truly matters.

5. Look up. We all get stuck in a rut, in a place of looking at our feet and just going through the motions. Be conscious of feelings of fear or retreat and attempt to work past them. Find beauty in the smallest of things and hope in the knowledge that tomorrow is a new day. Soak in your world with your head held high to maximize every moment and preserve it in your memory.

I certainly haven’t perfected each of these practices, nor is that my goal. A simple awareness of purpose and mindfulness in each step helps me grab the best from each day. Moreover, by making memory keeping a priority in my daily life as well as my heart, I feel more confident and capable in my scrapbooking.

Searching for zen in scrapbooking? Jennifer S. Wilson provides no-fuss tips for memory keeping at Simple Scrapper, the productivity blog for scrapbookers.

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