Hansel & Gretel

by Lain Ehmann on June 11, 2012

This morning, I drove Callie the three blocks to school with a very special cargo loaded in our station wagon:

Her “shelter project.”

Each spring the first graders create a shelter of some sort — a wigwam, igloo, brick house, whatever — and create a report about it, talking about how you made the shelter and what kind of person or animal would live in it. The caveat: You should use items found around your house and not buy a ton of supplies.

This is where having a scrapbooker for a mom comes in handy… what DON’T I have around the house?? 😉

Anyway, my darling daughter decided that she needed to make not just any ordinary shelter, but… wait for it…

Hansel & Gretel’s Cottage.

Is this my kid or what?

I love her style. I know as she grows and matures, some things about her will likely change quite a bit. But I have a feeling this little streak of whimsy – the one that makes her say she’s going to go to circus school, and that makes her talk in different accents, and makes her get up in front of 500 people at the school talent show and do a comedy routine… Well, I think that’s around for the long haul.

And you know what’s cool about that? 20 years from now, when she’s finished with college (or circus school, as the case may be), she can look back at my scrapbooks and say, “Geez, I was a nut since I was born!”

And I’ll say, “Yes. Yes, you were.” And we’ll look through all the albums at all the pages of her doing crazy fun things, and we’ll smile.

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