How to Sew on Scrapbook Pages

by Lain Ehmann on April 20, 2013

sewing on pages. Three layouts and a bunch of tips and resources for getting that machine out and finally using it on paper crafting and #scrapbooking projects. From Sewing on scrapbook pages can be addictive…

Once I get my sewing machine out, I’m gonna stitch on every little thing I can get my hands on. It’s typically the set-up that’s the tough part!

Some cool ways to use machine stitching on your scrapbook layouts:

1. As journaling lines. I often draw lines to guide my hournaling. Why not stitch those lines instead?

celebrate 2

2. As decoration. In the first layout, I used stitching on the lower right-hand corner as embellishments. Quick and easy.

norbert 2

3. As a border. In the second layout, I stitched a white line all the way around the layout to help guide the eye and “contain” the page.

99 2

4. To adhere page elements. In the third layout, I actually stitched in order to hold the papers in place. This is a functional and decorative move — stitching page elements in place keeps them fixed, but it also gives a visual sense that the elements and layers of the page are fixed together.

5. To guide your eye. Stitches, particularly in contrasting colors, can provide a path for your eye to travel around the page.

6. To add texture. Stitching is a fun and simple (and inexpensive!) way to add texture to your page. In all three layouts, the stitching creates an additional layer without adding bulk.

Here are some resources for sewing on scrapbook pages and paper crafting projects:

Five Tips for Stitching on Scrapbook Pages. In this blog post I provide some tips on selecting a sewing machine, getting started, and more.

“Get Your Stitch On” with Jennifer Larson. In this one-hour video class, Jennifer Larson will show you the ins and outs of hand- and machine-stitching on your paper crafting projects.

The biggest hint I can give you is to NOT BE AFRAID. Give it a shot and you’ll soon be stitching away!


P.S. Add your favorite stitching tip in the comments below!

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