Introducing Everyday Storyteller 2 – VIP List!

by Lain Ehmann on March 4, 2013

So, in the mood for some great news? Well, you’re in the right spot!

If you’re in search of scrapbooking inspiration, tips on telling your story quickly and easily, and more fantastic content than you can shake a pair of orange-handled Fiskars scissors at… then you MUST sign up for the VIP announcement list for Everyday Storyteller 2!


This compilation from almost three dozen incredible scrapbookers and storytellers (including yours truly) will be going on sale in May, but we’re not waiting until then to get the party started. If you sign up for the aforementioned VIP list (for free, of course), you’ll be treated to:

*A private launch party where you can hang with the other hippest, fun-est, in-the-know scrapbookers such as yourself;

*Exclusive access to VIP-only giveaways and prizes

*VIP discount and first crack at getting your hot little hands on this guaranteed-to-be-gorgeous book

Sound good? I think so! That’s why I’m already signed up! Yeehaw!

So start your Monday off with a little treat and sign up now. Then you won’t have to create an Evernote reminder or stick neon post-its all over your calendar reminding you that the big day is coming. We’ll do all the work for you!

Happy Monday!


P.S. Everyday Storyteller 2 is the second amazing book compiled and produced by Jennifer Wilson of Simple Scrapper. If you haven’t seen Everyday Storyteller the First, you can get a hard or electronic copy by clicking here  and selecting “Buy a Book” at the top of the page. It’s an amazingly designed and inspirational volume, one I have on my desk as I type. 🙂

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