Kelli Crowe, True Scrap Instructor!

by Lain Ehmann on March 12, 2011

Over the next weeks, I’m going to be including some fun interviews with our True Scrap instructors. Today, we have…

Kelli Crowe!

About her class: Remember the days when you were scrapbooking and you would stop mid-layout and run to the scrapbook store to buy that “perfect” embellishment? Remember scrapbook stores? The days of being able to add spur-of-the-moment purchases to your page have come and gone, but never fear! You can create your own perfect embellishments for your pages. Using the same simple shapes you have been drawing since you were 3, you can draw and piece together easy, inexpensive, eye-catching embellishments — and not worry about seeing the same thing in anyone else’s album!

And now, for our five-minute interview:

The last scrapbooking product you purchased:

Tape runner adhesive (20 of them)

If you had a crafting/photography super power, it would be…

To be as inspired to create at 3 pm as I am at 3 am.  And to take more pictures with me in them…where I look cute.  Wait, can I start over?  I’d wish for more super powers. Man, I can’t believe I forgot the first rule of wishing!

The last photo you took:

My youngest son: he stuck a bunch of post it notes together and placed them on his face like an elephant’s trunk.

The best book you read in 2010:

Everything I read these days is related to Pride and Prejudice (a spin off, a retelling, a literary analysis).

Kelli’s going to rock the house with scraps and pieces! Join us at True Scrap, April 7-9!

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