Layout a Day FAQs

Got LOAD questions? I’ve got answers!

FAQ #1: Sounds incredibly awesome! How do I sign up?
Answer: Hop over here and get your bad self signed up!

FAQ #2. I’m doing the Project 365 thingy (or that Project Life thingy). Does that count as a layout?
Answer: I’m easy. If you think it’s a layout, I think it’s a layout.

FAQ #3. Are there minimum size requirements for the layouts?
Answer: Let’s be reasonable. 6×6, I can go with. Anything smaller… well, let’s just say you might want to do TWO to count as one layout. Just my opinion.

FAQ #4. What’s with the daily email?
Answer: Every day you will receive an email with a link to the daily blog post. The blog post will include some information on the topic of “Past Perfect” in the form of a video, with a sample layout and some ideas on how you can interpret the prompt.

FAQ #5. What if I don’t want to do the daily challenge prompt?
Answer: What are we, in third grade? You don’t want to do the challenge, don’t do it! You da boss of your own scrappin’, woman! Do what you want. I won’t be offended — really.

FAQ #6. What if I miss a day? Can I “catch up?” And what if I know I’m going to be gone. Can I pre-scrap layouts?
For the purposes of this challenge, we are creating a layout a day. That means there is no “catching up” or “banking.” However, for your personal satisfaction, if you want to stay up all night on May 30 and complete the 12 layouts you missed, you have my blessing. But to be eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing, I need to see a layout a day in the gallery.

FAQ #7. What about cards, altered items, ATCs, etc.? Do they count as layouts?
: Nope. A layout is a layout. If you want to participate with cards, or some other form of paper art, you are welcome to — but again, you will not be eligible for the Grand Prize or surPRIZE Drawings.

FAQ #8. Can I upload layouts I’ve already created?
(Seriously, I got this question once…). Nope. Pages must be created during the month of the challenge. And since we’re talking about a layout a day, the layouts must be completed that day.

FAQ #9. What if my washer explodes, we’re hit by a hurricane, the power goes out, I get sick, I decide to go to Tahiti, etc.?
Then you will have my sympathy, compassion, or envy, depending on your circumstances. But again, to be eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing, you have to create and upload a page a day for the entire month (have I said that enough yet?). Please re-read this one — EVERY month I receive questions from someone who has some kind of family catastrophe and is unable to upload their layout. While I feel for you, I have to stick with the rules. Period.

FAQ #10: I don’t have a Flickr account. How do I get one?
You pop on over to Flickr and sign up! It’s free and extremely easy. Click here for a quick video on how to upload your layout to the Flickr Gallery: the way, you can get some tips on using Flickr on YouTube. Search for “Flickr for Scrapbookers.”)

FAQ #11. How will you decide who wins the Grand Prize?
Answer: As you well know, the real reward for completing LOAD is the feeling of accomplishment when you see the 31 layouts you’ve finished, sitting there in an impressive pile on your scrap table. BUT, sometimes a little motivation is in order. So at the end of the month, everyone who has uploaded a page each day during the month will be entered in a drawing. Then I will pick my favorite person. Haha! Just kidding! It will be random. Very random. Really, really random. That person will receive an all-access pass to True Scrap 6 in October (valued at over $150!).

We also reserve the right to award “finisher’s prizes” for those who complete a layout each day, as well as other prizes along the way.

FAQ #12: I’m in a different time zone. Can I still play?
I hope you will! The daily challenges may go out a bit late (or early!) for you, but you can work ahead or backwards on those as you desire. And when I look at daily uploads, I’ll be going by 12 midnight California time. In the past, we’ve had participants from China, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Netherlands, and the UK.

FAQ #13. I’m a digi (hybrid, organic, paper, recycled) scrapper. Can I participate?
Answer: Yes! All scrappers (with the exception of Paris Hilton) are welcome! And I may even let her play if she pays her $ and promises not to upload any naughty pictures.

FAQ #14. Will there be pictures of Hugh?
Answer: Of course! And to get you off on the right foot…


FAQ #15. I’m a manufacturer, kit club owner, store owner, etc., and I’d like to donate a prize. Are you interested?
Answer: Um, YES! :) Email me at for my undying love and admiration.

FAQ #16. I can’t get into the LOAD Flickr group. It says it’s closed. What do I do? 
The group was open and became closed once the month started. Now, please email Kelli at and we’ll add you as soon as possible.

FAQ #17. I uploaded to Flickr by the deadline, but somehow it didn’t get added to the LOAD group. Am I in trouble?
As long as the Flickr upload date was before the midnight Pacific deadline, you’re fine. That is the time that will show when you add the layout to our group.

FAQ #18. I didn’t get the daily email. Help!
Please refer to the master list link you were sent at the beginning of the month. Remember, I told you to bookmark it…? 🙂

FAQ #19. I want to edit my photo or upload a new photo. Will this mess things up in Flickr?
We go by the date that your Flickr layout is tagged with. So my recommendation is to not mess with your uploads until after the month is over. If you want to upload a new image, go ahead — but please don’t delete the old one and replace it with the new image.

Got more questions? Check out the LOAD suggestions that some very experienced and helpful LOAD alums have created for us! 

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