Layout a Day (LOAD) 10/10

It’s almost Layout a Day (LOAD) time!

Spend October with me, and together we’ll talk about the importance of Story in Scrapbooking.

With special guests Ali Edwards, Celeste Smith, Noell Hyman, and Katrina Kennedy, this month-long course is going to be nothing short of life-changing — seriously!


If you’re wondering what the heck the Layout a Day (LOAD) challenge is, let me tell you:

-a way for scrappers around the globe to push themselves through “scrapper’s block” and get scrapping!

-a month-long challenge to create a layout a day

-a month of support, daily prompts and challenges, prizes, and more with the nicest group of scrapbookers on the Internet!

For a month, LOADsters join together on a private message board and gallery and share our daily layouts.

Here’s the scoop:

You sign up. You join. You get a daily prompt and inspiration email, and you create a layout a day. Every day. Yes, 31 layouts in 31 days. Yes, EVERY DAY! Is that too ambitious? Well, then, you should have taken part in February when we only had to create 28 layouts!

Let’s recap:

*Create a layout a day for the entire month of October.

*Upload your creations to our private online gallery at Flickr.

*Bask in the admiration of your sister scrapbookers.

*Be eligible to win fabulous prizes!

Anyone who participated in a previous LOAD challenge will tell you it is nothing short of life-changing — in a good way! It’s helped blocked scrappers get going again. It’s helped bored scrappers find inspiration. And it’s even helped a scrapbooker or two lose weight (seriously!).

I'm fun - you'll love me!

What other participants have said about LOAD:

“Thanks again for running LOAD. It’s so much fun, and full of motivation. I’m already looking forward to October.” –Heather

“I <3 LOAD! ;-)” –Kim

“Thank YOU…for an incredible experience!! It was 200% worth it in May!! You truly helped me discover my style, showed me that I could FIND TIME to scrap, and challenged me to make some REALLY BEAUTIFUL pages I LOVE. So thanks for all your hard work and great inspiration!! I can’t wait for October :).” –Carrie

“I was so productive and had so much fun during February and May LOADs this year, I’m totally hooked!” — KimB

“I am soooooooo thankful for LOAD!!! I have accomplished so much!” –Pinky

“Lain there aren’t words for this fabulous experience. I came into it not knowing what to expect, not thinking I would finish and what I will have are 31 layouts, some 2 page layouts, some single page layouts, one I framed, several have made me cry, a few laugh and all of them are stories I have been needing and wanting to tell! You are the best!” –Dani

“I’m so glad I signed up again! I love LOAD and am indebted to you Lain for kicking my butt to get my pages done. And to all the participants- it wouldn’t be the same without all the comraderie and the daily encouragement! I’ll miss you! Thanks for the daily doses of inspiration!” — CraftyP

“This was my first time, but will definitely not the the last LOAD I do. Thanks Lain for a great session.” — MC

“Lain, every time I do LOAD I am so amazed at just how great it is! Thanks for giving us this opportunity!” –Cat

“I  did more than 31 pages and enjoyed every single minute.” –Diana

“This was amazing. I really wasn’t sure how much I would get done, but I did all 31 layouts (and a photo album scrapbook!) this month. I can’t believe it, and it definitely won’t be my last LOAD. Keep it up Lain, you’re responsible for getting a lot of memories down on paper!!” –Andrea

“On day 1, I thought “I’m I really doing this?” and I DID IT……. Lain thank you for the challenge, inspiration, the experience and the fun. I thought outside the box a few times and I got some pages done that I had been wanting to do. Thanks to all the other participants for inspiration and laughs.” –SR

“Thank you Lain. This was my first exprience with LOAD, and I had a BLAST! I will absolutely do this again!” — Debbie

“As a first time LOADster, I didn’t think I’d get 31 LOs done, but thought I’d still get more done than I normally accomplish. Much to my surprise, I did get a LO done every day. Between the fun challenges and the great inspiration and comments from participating scrapbookers, this was definitely time well spent!!” –Michelle

“Thanks, Lain, for a great time! I made more pages during LOAD than I had in my life. I’ve learned so much about scrapbooking and really see its value for me.” –Jill

“Thank you all for such a fun month of laughter, inspiration and creativity! I was REALLY needing this… This has been such a fun month and I’ve enjoyed being inspired by everyone’s layouts.” –Kyla

Whether you’re a veteran scrapbooker or a first-timer, you’ll be inspired, challenged, and energized by LOAD!

Here’s what you’ll get:

-Access to our online gallery and message board at Flickr

-Daily inspiration email from me with a prompt (you don’t have to use it), quotes, humor, and the occasional juicy tidbit about what’s going on in the scrapping world

-Audio interviews with stylin’ scrapbookers who know will spill all their secrets just for you

-weekly chats so you can hang with your sistah scrappers

-The opportunity to win the Grand Prize (for creating and uploading a layout each day for the entire month) as well as surPRIZES along the way that I’ll dole out as I see fit 😉

-Tons of fun, inspiration and laughs!

-A cute blinkie to add to your site so everyone knows how awesome you are.

-and much, much more!

The participation fee is $30 for the month. That’s less than a dollar a day for a world-rockin’ good time!

I know you have questions, so read on…

FAQ #1:.Sounds incredibly awesome! How do I sign up?

Answer: Use the PayPal “buy now” button above. Don’t forget to include your Flickr ID & the email you want to use for the daily emails if different from your PayPal email.

FAQ #2. I’m doing the Project 365 thingy. Does that count as a layout?

Answer: I’m easy. If you think it’s a layout, I think it’s a layout.

FAQ #3. Are there minimum size requirements for the layouts?
Answer: Let’s be reasonable. 6×6, I can go with. Anything smaller… well, let’s just say you might want to do TWO to count as one layout. Just my opinion.

FAQ #4. What’s with the daily email?
Answer: I put together a short email that serves as a daily reminder about a scrapping-related topic (usually!), plus a scrapping challenge for the day. I also explore topics related to the month’s theme, which in May is DEFINE YOUR STYLE. Many of the challenges will revolve around that.

FAQ #5. What if I don’t want to do the daily challenge?
Answer: What are we, in third grade? You don’t want to do the challenge, don’t do it! You da boss of your own scrappin’, woman! Do what you want. I won’t be offended — really.

FAQ #6. What if I miss a day? Can I “catch up?”
For the purposes of this challenge, we are creating a layout a day. That means there is no “catching up” or “banking.” However, for your personal satisfaction, if you want to stay up all night on May 30 and complete the 12 layouts you missed, you have my blessing. But to be eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing, I need to see a layout a day in the gallery.

FAQ #7. What about cards, altered items, ATCs, etc.? Do they count as layouts?
: Nope. A layout is a layout. If you want to participate with cards, or some other form of paper art, you are welcome to — but again, you will not be eligible for the Grand Prize or surPRIZE Drawings.

FAQ #8. Can I upload layouts I’ve already created?
(Seriously, I got this question once…). Nope. Pages must be created during the month of October.

FAQ #9. What if my washer explodes, we’re hit by a hurricane, the power goes out, I get sick, I decide to go to Tahiti, etc.?
Then you will have my sympathy, compassion, or envy, depending on your circumstances. But again, to be eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing, you have to upload a page a day for the entire month (have I said that enough yet?).

FAQ #10: I don’t have a Flickr account. How do I get one?
You pop on over to
Flickr and sign up! It’s free and extremely easy.

FAQ #11. How will you decide who wins the Grand Prize?
Answer: At the end of the month, everyone who has uploaded a page each day during the month will be entered in a drawing. Then I will pick my favorite person. Haha! Just kidding! It will be random. Very random. Really, really random.

FAQ #12: I’m in a different time zone. Can I still play?
I hope you will! The daily challenges may go out a bit late (or early!) for you, but you can work ahead or backwards on those as you desire. And when I look at daily uploads, I’ll be going by 12 midnight California time. So that should cover everyone except you Hawaiians out there. If you’re playing and you’re in Hawaii, let me know and I’ll adjust accordingly. In the past, we’ve had participants from China, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK.

FAQ #13. I’m a digi (hybrid, organic, paper, recycled) scrapper. Can I participate?

Answer: Yes! All scrappers (with the exception of Paris Hilton) are welcome! And I may even let her play if she pays her $ and promises not to upload any naughty pictures.

FAQ #14. Will there be pictures of Hugh?

Answer: Of course! And to get you off on the right foot…

FAQ #15. I’m a manufacturer, kit club owner, store owner, etc., and I’d like to donate a prize. Are you interested?

Answer: Um, YES! 🙂 Email me at lainehmann (at) comcast (dot) net for my undying love and admiration.

For less than $1 a day, you too can have the perfect excuse for why you can’t do the laundry/drive carpool/make dinner!

NOTE: To preserve the “intimacy” of the LOAD experience (and please, I know that sounds like a LOAD of something else, but trust me, this group is special) I reserve the right to cap registration! Due to alum registrations, we are already over 100. So if you are interested, don’t hesitate — sign up now!