Layout a Day – The Basics!


“Blow Your Preconceptions About Scrapbooking
Out of the Water!”

A layout a day for a whole month? YES! It’s LOAD!

You’ve never scrapbooked quite like this before!

The Layout a Day (LOAD) challenge is a month-long scrapbooking experience with professional scrapbooker Lain Ehmann (that’s me!). Held several times a year, LOAD will change the way you scrapbook and the way you look at your layouts, albums, and supplies.

Here’s how it works: Each day of LOAD you receive a video message from me, including the day’s layout prompt, a sample layout, and suggestions on how you might incorporate the prompt into YOUR album. This is not a “cut this, glue this, write this” class — it’s an expedition! While each month has an overriding theme, how you interpret that theme and the daily prompts is entirely up to YOU.


Here’s what you’ll get:

-Daily prompts on the month’s theme
-Daily videos
-Daily sample layouts
-Private message board
-Private gallery
-Inspiration, fun, and companionship galore!

Here’s what others are saying about Layout a Day:

“I Love It…”

You wouldn’t think a 3 minute video first thing in the morning could do so much but it really does… I wake up every morning now eager to watch the vid on my iPad… I love it. So big thanks to Lain and the girls for doing such a fab job!” 

“No Dividing Lines, Just Scrapbookers!”

I was just giving some love in the gallery and noticed there are lots of digi pages… I love that we are all doing the same thing….taking photos and documenting memories! No dividing lines, just scrapbookers! :)” 

“The Community Is So Supportive…”

The community is so supportive… I’ve ‘scrap-accomplished’ more in LOAD & YSM than in any of the other online classes attended. Perhaps I’m getting more savvy or, more likely, our fearless leader keeps it simple and real.”

“I’ve Greatly Increased the Number of Layouts I Create…”

More than anything LOAD has taught me how to scrap fast and still have fun. Once I realized that I could do a layout a day, I’ve greatly increased the number of layouts I create even after LOAD. I now know that I can easily make time for this hobby of mine and get my story told!”

“I Feel Awesome!”

I had SO MUCH FUN!!! I have currently completed 20 of my 29 pages and I feel AWESOME! This is my first LOAD and I haven’t done a page in about 12 years, so this is a big deal for me. My family loved to come in and see what page I was working on each day. It has motivated me to just keep going. Thank you!”

The next public LOAD challenge is February 2013.
Please join my email list to be informed when registration begins. 

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P.S. There is a private Layout a Day every October, led by the members of the ScrapHappy community. For more information on how to join ScrapHappy, please visit

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