A Rant: Caution, Falling Letter Stickers

by Lain Ehmann on November 19, 2011

I’ve been going through my old layouts, looking for scrapbook pages to feature for a few upcoming projects. For the most part, this process brought tons of joy and more than a few smiles! It’s a cool thing to realize that not only do my scrapbooks hold memories I may have forgotten, it also includes layouts I may have forgotten making!


There were more than a few times when I saw something that turned my stomach. It looked something like this:

And let me note — this layout has been in its page protector, stored out of heat and direct sunlight, in a climate-controlled room — for only a few months. And this was not the only page suffering alopecia of the letter variety.

I’m sorry, but falling letters stickers are SO NOT ACCEPTABLE.

I call “foul” on the manufacturers of scrapbooking supplies who sell us products that are labeled “self-adhesive,” and maybe they stick for a week or in some cases they don’t stick at all. Of course, by the time you realize there’s a problem, you either are in the middle of a project and don’t want to take them back to the store, or it’s months (or years) later and you’d look like an idiot, going back to Suzy Q’s Scrapbooking and saying, “I bought these last December and they don’t stick.” So we consumers are left holding the bag.

The worst offenders, in my opinion are American Crafts Thickers and chipboard letters from Heidi Swapp/Advantus, which are no longer made. I know, I know, you love your Thickers. I do, too. But wouldn’t you love them even more if you didn’t have to add extra adhesive on the back before using them, for fear that otherwise your scrapbook titles would look like the marquee at an abandoned drive in?

It’s just wrong — and so easily fixed. Manufacturers, you could:

-Use a stronger adhesive (if you need some suggestions, please google “Superglue” or “Elmers.”

-Present your stickers as “repositionable,” which as we experienced folk know to translate to “will fall off the page if breathed upon.”

-Don’t bother with the adhesive at all, and let us add our own. You could even hawk a special “Adhesive – for Thickers!” or “Adhesive – for Chipboard Letters!” and you know we’d buy it. Especially if it works.

Any of these options would be an improvement, and I’d be satisfied with any of the three. Just stop selling me something that doesn’t work.

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