LiveOn Review: A New Resource for Simple Scrapbookers

by Lain Ehmann on November 23, 2011

Thank you to LiveOn for this sponsored opportunity to blog about storing and sharing my most important memories with those closest to me. Although story ideas were provided, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

One thing scrapbookers often miss in our scrapbooks is multimedia. Video, audio… these are tough to capture between the pages of a scrapbook album! But there’s a new resource on the web that can help scrapbookers quickly and easily capture audio and video to enhance your scrapbooking, or to serve as a holding place for memories and events you want to scrapbook in the “traditional” manner at a later date.

How LiveOn Works: Basically, think of as a free repository for your memories — written, audio, video, photographic. You add content in the form of “memories” on a timeline, either as you wish or in response to prompts like “If you had to describe your life in five places, which sites would you choose and why?”

Here’s what my main page looks like:

You can see it’s a little blank right now, but I’ve been working on that! I’ve answered a couple of prompts in written form, but I’m currently beefing up the video section.

The content you add to your personal timeline can then be grouped into “time capsules” for yourself to “open” at a later date, or to be delivered to a friend or loved one at a point far, far off in the future. LiveOn guarantees that your content will be safeguarded forever. You earn points that allow you to access that information in the future (for instance, just for creating a free account, you earn a decade of access). Here’s mine so far, after just an hour or so of messing around on the site:

I’ve already earned 28 years of retrieval! You can also buy a “Forever” subscription, as well as subscriptions for other periods of time.

Why Scrapbookers Should Love LiveOn: I see LiveOn as complementing, not replacing, my traditional scrapbooks. I plan to use it to capture snippets of video and imagery from the here-and-now, stuff I can’t currently keep in my scrapbooks. I also will use their thought-provoking prompts to capture memories for scrapbooking at a later time. Oh yeah, and you can link your account to other people’s, as well as serve as a narrator for those who don’t want to or can’t create their own account. Coolio, eh?

Other Stuff + LiveOn Coupon Code: My favorite service may be LiveOn Rewind though, which allows you to send old videos (even VHS!) and photos to LiveOn for them to digitize. And if you use coupon code cgc37 you can get 20% off! Can I get a “booyah?” 😉

Summary: All in all, I’m excited about anything that makes scrapbooking easier and may attract more people to the idea of documenting their memories. After all, if you don’t tell your story… who will?

P.S. Thank you again to LiveOnfor sponsoring this blog post. Please click here to learn more about storing and sharing your most special memories. I was selected for this sponsorship by Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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