LOAD Is Coming! LOAD Is Coming! (What’s LOAD?)

by Lain Ehmann on January 27, 2014

RespectTheHogThis Saturday, Feb. 1, marks one of my favorite days of the year. No, it’s not because it’s the day before Groundhog’s Day (though it is, and I’ll be celebrating accordingly.). No, it’s not because it’s the first day of my birthday month (though it is, and I’ll be celebrating accordingly as well).

It’s because it’s LOAD MONTH!

What is LOAD, you ask? You must be new around here. Look up to the top of this page where the title is. See that “Layout a Day” part? THAT’s LOAD!

Several years ago, I got the idea to sponsor some kind of “stretch” project for scrapbookers. I think this was way back in 2008! I mean, ancient history! I was still in my 30s! I only had two kids! I lived in California!

In my crazy youth-addled brain, somehow I came up with the idea of a layout a day. And since I’m obviously a person who gets paid to be creative, I came up with the name, “Layout a Day!” And LOAD was born.

So much has changed since then… but one thing has remained the same.

LOAD! We still bring together the nicest people on the internet for the most fun you can have with your shoes on (and you can even take your shoes off if you like! It’s too cold to do that here in Boston… but you might be living somewhere warmer like Hawaii… or Australia… because we have LOADsters in ALL of those places. In fact, we span the globe, from Alaska to Florida and Canada to Australia and back again.

And that’s one of the beauties of LOAD… the ability to bring together scrapbookers in a virtual community who share a love of this hobby, who have a great sense of humor, and who are determined to document their family’s memories. We’ve got digi scrappers. We’ve got paper scrappers. We’ve got Project Life scrappers. We’ve got scrappers who just started and those who have been doing it for years. And it’s incredible. Some people create a layout a day. Some do 10 layouts during the month, but are totally happy because they haven’t scrapbooked for MONTHS and needed the jumpstart. Others go all-out and create MORE than a layout a day (but we look at them kinda funny… JUST KIDDING!).


That’s all well and good, you might say. I like to scrapbook, you might say. I’m intrigued, you might say. But then you might be wondering about this “layout every day” part of things. How the heck does that work? Well, the short story is that we have a monthly theme (this time it’s Scrapbook Mythbusters). I send you a link to a private video, a prompt for the day that ties in with the theme, a sample layout, and some other thoughts. Then you create your layout, upload it to our private gallery, and away we go! Still want a bit more detail? No prob. I’ve spelled it all out in the registration page here: What Is LOAD?

AND… because I love you… I’ve got a special discount code! You can use code 28DAYS to save almost 40% on your LOAD214 registration.

We already have almost 400 people signed up for LOAD214. And we’d love to have one more — YOU!


P.S. Some of our LOAD alums created a blog hop where they shared their LOAD experiences and hints. You can check it out starting at Use It Scrapbooking. And don’t forget that special discount code, good through Wednesday, Jan. 30: 28DAYS will save you almost 40%!

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