LOAD Is for Superheroes!

by Lain Ehmann on January 15, 2013

The spots for LOAD213 are going fast… 17 days left to sign up, and 35 spots remain. Does one have YOUR name on it!

This month, I’m setting the tone for Layout a Day (LOAD) 213. We all tend to take our lives too seriously (especially if we are successful parents, sisters, spouses, workers, etc.). But scrapbooking should be a source of fun and JOY for us. That’s why we’re spending February learning how to scrapHAPPIER! These little videos are just a break in your otherwise do-do-do lives. So take a few moments to just sit back and enjoy.

AND… since I am “in the air” today on my way to California, I thought this video was particularly appropriate.

AND… I thought I’d add to the fun by giving you a super coupon JUST while I’m in the air. It will disappear at 1:30 PM Pacific time when my plane touches ground in the good ole’ Bay Area. Use SUPER at checkout to save $10 off your LOAD213 registration!

Are you SUPER enough to join us? OF COURSE…

Wondering why over 425 people have already signed up to join us for February? You can find out all about this life-changing event here. But hurry because there are fewer than 35 spots left!

Our theme this time around is ScrapHAPPIER. I’ll be showing you how to bring more joy to your favorite hobby, as well as exploring how scrapbooking makes our whole lives happier! Yay! Sign up now! (and don’t forget that limited-time coupon code of SUPER to save $10!).


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