LOAD213 Is Here!

“It’s Time to Get Your Happy On!”



Here’s What’s In Store in February:

  • 28 days of brand-new video prompts and lessons, guaranteed to bust you out of any scrapbooking rut, bring a smile to your face, and make your hair shine!
  • Exclusive message board for LOAD members only where you can connect and chat with the coolest scrappers on the Web!
  • Private gallery for our members where you share your daily creations, win prizes, and strut your stuff!
  • Insiders-only interview with Gretchen Rubin, best-selling author of The Happiness Project. Listen as she shares her secrets on living a happier life (and why scrapbookers have a jumpstart on the ordinary people)
  • Random surPRIZES, Hugh sightings, and fun for all!

To Preserve the Intimate and Personal Atmosphere of This Event,
Participation Is Capped!

For Only $50 You Can Make
February the Best Month EVER!

“Yes! I want access to the funnest, funniest, happiest, and coolest
scrapbooking challenge on the planet!”

What Others Are Saying About the LOAD Challenge:

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“I’m taking your 212LOAD class and I want to tell you how grateful I am. Your prompts are allowing me to create pages I never would have done or even thought of. Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to continuing to take more LOAD classes again in the future!” –Sarah

“You wouldn’t think a 3 minute video first thing in the morning could do so much but it really does… I wake up every morning now eager to watch the vid on my iPad (in bed) and then as soon as the kids are in school I rush to get my stuff back out to make up that page, and this lasts with me all day. I love it. So big thanks to Lain and the girls for doing such a fab job!” –Emma

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“Sometimes my inspiration chamber is empty. I struggle to put together a layout, any layout and cannot manage it. With LOAD, I get inspiration, a fired up group of supporters and no chance to sit around and contemplate. It is a great way to push myself to focus and enjoy scrapping again.”-Jana

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“I am having SO MUCH FUN with LOAD!!! I’ve been pushed to go beyond what I thought my creative limits were and I can’t thank you enough for that. I look forward to your email every morning and I always want another prompt as soon as I finish my daily challenge. Thank you so much for this awesome challenge; this LOADster is absolutely loving it!!!”-Jennifer

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“Before I did LOAD I would spend hours on a page. Now because LOAD is on during one of the busiest times at work (16 hour days!) I’m scrapping quicker, not afraid of committing, and best of all using up all my old stash! I’m loving the prompts scrapping stories I wouldn’t have thought of. I’m seeing a style and what I enjoy using on my pages.”-learncreatedo

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“I’m currently participating in Lain’s LOAD (layout a day) 212: Past Perfect. It is AMAZING! The daily prompts are getting me to think outside my usual stories/pages and let me tell you about the COMMUNITY – talk about support! Everyone shares in the love of this hobby, and we all share the love with each other in the comments in the daily uploads of our pages. I HIGHLY suggest … joining the next LOAD” -Connie

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“Let me begin by saying thank you! Don’t only, did I complete all the prompts, I got a total of 37 layouts done this month. Unheard of for me, like many other scrappers, I have all the supplies but little to show for it. I have added 37 pages to my scrapbooks in a month……….again thank you. I can also say that this is the first online class I have taken and actually complete it. I hope to keep the motivation going.”-Veronica

Do You Want To:

…Get to know amazing scrapbookers?
…Complete more layouts than you thought possible?
…Capture stories you didn’t even have in you?
…Add more joy to your scrapbooking AND your life?
…Become part of the most incredible community of scrapbookers on the internet?
…Have the time of your scrappy life?

Then sign up for LOAD213 NOW!

I hope you’ll join us for LOAD213: ScrapHAPPIER! If you have more questions about the experience, please visit our FAQ page here.

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Lain Ehmann
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