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“Blow Your Preconceptions About Scrapbooking
Out of the Water!”

31 layouts in 31 days – It’s LOAD 512!

As one of the coolest scrappers on the internet, you’re invited to spend May with me AND push your scrapbooking to new levels! In 31 daily emails and videos, you’ll be challenged to scrapbook in new and different ways, try innovative techniques, and blow past scrapper’s block.

You’ve never scrapbooked quite like this before!

We’ll challenge ourselves on all levels of our scrapbooking with design, photography, journaling, color schemes, topics, process, and more — but not all at once, silly goose! Each day will bring a new challenge and a new chance to push your scrapbooking a bit further. At the end of the month, you’ll have a stack of layouts you adore as well as a new sense of what YOU can do in your scrapbook albums!



Here’s what you’ll get:

-31 daily prompts on the topic of Scrapping Outside the Box
-31 daily videos
-31 sample layouts
-Private message board
-Private gallery
-Inspiration, fun, and companionship galore!

All for Only $50!

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Here’s what others are saying about Layout a Day:

“I Love It…”

You wouldn’t think a 3 minute video first thing in the morning could do so much but it really does… I wake up every morning now eager to watch the vid on my iPad… I love it. So big thanks to Lain and the girls for doing such a fab job!” 

“No Dividing Lines, Just Scrapbookers!”

I was just giving some love in the gallery and noticed there are lots of digi pages… I love that we are all doing the same thing….taking photos and documenting memories! No dividing lines, just scrapbookers! :)” 

“The Community Is So Supportive…”

The community is so supportive… I’ve ‘scrap-accomplished’ more in LOAD & YSM than in any of the other online classes attended. Perhaps I’m getting more savvy or, more likely, our fearless leader keeps it simple and real.”

“I’ve Greatly Increased the Number of Layouts I Create…”

More than anything LOAD has taught me how to scrap fast and still have fun. Once I realized that I could do a layout a day, I’ve greatly increased the number of layouts I create even after LOAD. I now know that I can easily make time for this hobby of mine and get my story told!”

“I Feel Awesome!”

I had SO MUCH FUN!!! I have currently completed 20 of my 29 pages and I feel AWESOME! This is my first LOAD and I haven’t done a page in about 12 years, so this is a big deal for me. My family loved to come in and see what page I was working on each day. It has motivated me to just keep going. Thank you!”

*We will be capping that number for LOAD 512. There are currently 430 134 8 2 open slots available. Sign up now to join all your best buds and start Scrapping Outside the Box!

Here’s what will happen next: Once you click on the button below, you’ll be magically transported to your Paypal account, where you’ll complete checkout. Then your email address will be added (again, magically!) to the LOAD 512 email list. Within 30 minutes you should receive an email you’ll need to open and click on the enclosed link to confirm your enrollment.

Then you can get ready for the ride of a lifetime starting 5/1! But remember – SPACES ARE LIMITED!

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