Meet Katrina Kennedy, Photographer Fantastique!

by Lain Ehmann on September 11, 2011

These days, you know the scoop… I’m introducing you to the women of Spawn of True Scrap. After all, it’s time to sign up RIGHT NOW. Well, not right now — because RIGHT NOW I want to introduce you to someone special…

Introducing Katrina Kennedy!

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What is the last scrapbooking product you purchased? An Anna Aspnes digital brush. I just can’t get enough of them!

Why did you choose Composition as the class subject for Spawn of True Scrap? No matter what camera you use, great photography is about Composition. I love helping people learn subtle changes they can make to improve their memories! I love the topic and know people will benefit from it!

What’s one layout you have not created that is on your “to scrap” list? Oh. This list is long! I want to create a layout about the nightly ritual I have with my son. I say, “you are my best boy ever.” He says, “you’re my best momma every.” And the mushiness continues. Melts my heart every time!

Do you have a can’t-miss TV show? What is it? Can you believe we have no tv in our home? We do watch a few netflix on demand shows, but nothing regular. We’re currently working our way through Lost. Yep. We are a bit behind times!

If you got to choose your own scrapbooking/stamping super power, it would be…? Definitely the ability to stop time so I could finish all of the projects I have without taking time away from my family. Oh and perfect exposure every time I click the shutter!

When I look at Katrina’s work, I feel something inside of me move. No, it’s not the Reuben sandwich I had for lunch — it’s the pure emotion of her imagery that hits me POW! She has that certain something that separates the gifted photographers from the rest of us… but she is going to share all her secrets in her class on photo composition in Spawn of True Scrap. Are you going to be there? I am!

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