Meet Noell Hyman, Scrapbook Design Diva!

by Lain Ehmann on September 10, 2011

Did you know that I just checked my watch, and the hands are both pointing to “Sign Up for True Scrap Now?” I’m introducing you to the creative and incredible women of Spawn this week, so you can see exactly what we have in store for you in October!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Noell Hyman!

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What is the last scrapbooking product you purchased? 

While at Office Max shopping for school supplies I found binder clips in zebra print! I attach binder clips on the outside spines of my albums and then hang metal frames from them with the name of the albums. The zebra stripe was perfect for my daughter’s dance album since her dance team outfit is debra stripe!

Why did you choose embellishment gatherings as the class subject for Spawn of True Scrap?

One of the most common subjects people ask me about is embellishments, and people are especially excited about how to layer them into clusters and gatherings. I think I’ve come up with some good formulas for placement and layering that will be easy for people to get, but that are flexible enough to fit with all styles, products, and a lot of variety so you can use the formulas over and over again without things looking the same.

What’s one layout you have not created that is on your “to scrap” list? 

When my daughter grew out of her adorable 1st grade dresses, I turned them into tops for myself. As she’s gotten older and older (she’s eleven now) we’re able to share more and more clothes. It’s like having a sister in the house again!
I’ve found some pictures of those first outfits on her, then later on me. I also have a pic of her searching through my closet.

Do you have a can’t-miss TV show? What is it?

I’m not a TV junkie (we don’t even have TV so anything we watch is online!) so it almost embarrasses me to say this but… I just can’t get enough Survivor! With the exception of the very first season, we’ve watched every single episode and it’s always hard to wait between seasons!

If you got to choose your own scrapbooking/stamping super power, it would be…? 

How about X-ray vision and the ability to process the images super-fast so that you always know exactly what supplies you have all the time? You could see through all the containers and layers of stuff and know exactly what is there.
Me oh my! Every time I watch Noell’s videos or read her blog, I learn something that rocks my world. That’s why I’ll be tuning in to her class with notebook in hand during Spawn of True Scrap. You ARE going to be there, right?

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