My Favorite Creative Scrapbooking Blogs

by Lain Ehmann on August 4, 2010

Le Vent Le Cri/Flickr

On our Scrapbooking Q&A call the other night, someone asked me about my favorite scrapbooking blogs (or, as they say in France, “blog de scrap“). I’ve got a zillion scrapbook blogs bookmarked, so I think this is going to be an ongoing feature! But for now, here are five of my absolute favorite spots to go for scrapbooking inspiration. These are the eyecandy blogs where there’s just a ton of great layouts and designs to keep you inspired and ready to scrap!

1. Susan Weinroth, A Little Bit of Me. Her scrapbook style is clean and linear, much like the gorgeous quilts she also creates.

2. Jody Wenke, Clean and Simple. Members of May’s Layout A Day challenge know how much I adore Jody. She has a simplistic scrapbooking style that puts the focus on the photo and the story.

3. Kelli Crowe, KelliCrowe. Kelli is like my alter-ego of scrapbooking. We have a very similar color sense, and sense of humor… but where I’m linear and more structured, she’s wild and free! Love that girl.

4. Paula Gilarde, Live. Scrap.Repeat. Paula moves back and forth between paper and digital scrapbooking with ease and flair. Plus she lives only a few miles away so when I get stuck on something on my digi scrapping, she comes to my rescue!

5. Stephanie Ackerman, Homegrown Hospitality. Whenever I visit her blog, I see so many inspiring elements — both for my papercrafting and scrapbooking, but also for life in general!

So there you have it — five of my favorite “blogs de scrapbooking.” Enjoy — and tell me what you would add to this list.

P.S. One of the features of membership in ScrapHappy is the monthly Q&A calls! Might that tempt you to check it out??? 😉

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