One Down, Two to Go.

by Lain Ehmann on August 30, 2011

This is what the first day of first grade looked like around here:

New sparkly tennies.

Sister’s hand-me-down leggings.

A big smile (nice change from last year!).

Cinnamon toast waffles for breakfast (yes, we were running late!).

A new haircut.

All her teeth (kind of a disappointment to her).

The air was a bit cooler. No leaves changing, but plenty of twigs and branches on the path, courtesy of Irene.

Many, many hugs for Mama (who remembered the camera this year, thank goodness!).

My baby. Sigh.

P.S. Can you tell that this is a ready-made scrapbook page? All I have to do is print the photo, add a few embellishments, and the journaling is done. That’s how I roll, ladies. That’s how I roll. 


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