Ep 24 Layout a Day – The Podcast: In the Mirror

by Lain Ehmann on October 26, 2011


Welcome back!

Have you looked at your scrapbooks
lately? Are you in them? Are you afraid to include
yourself in your pages? Have you wondered how to
put yourself into your scrapbooks? Well, you are in
luck! Today we are talking about how to
make sure you are in your scrapbooks.

Listen along as I explain

* why I say ‘my baby rocks’,

* what is coming up next,

* why a photo of your feet could be important,

* which questions do you need to ask yourself to make sure
you are in your own scrapbooks and,

* why it’s so important to dig just a little bit deeper for your pages.

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Have a wonderfully ScrapHappy week! See you
here next Wednesday!

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