Ep 25 Layout a Day- The Podcast: Nothing to Fear

by Lain Ehmann on November 2, 2011


Are you afraid to scrapbook?
Does something strange stop your
creativity? Who ya gonna call?

Well, it doesn’t need to be the
Ghostbusters! (Yeah, yeah, yeah!)
Just listen along as I talk about
why people feel fear while scrapbooking.

In this episode you will learn
* why I swear on a stack of Creating Keepsakes mags,

* what I say is my only rule in scrapbooking,

* who I think is ‘tops’ at helping others understand the
scrapbook design process,

* why our scrapbooking makes us afraid,

* how we can fight back, and

* what’s the worst that could happen!

Check out the Paperclipping episode I talk about in
this podcast here.

Oh and don’t forget to…
1)  register for Your Story Matters and learn to ease
into capturing your story on your scrapbook pages,

2)  visit the True Scrap website for the
Spawn of True Scrap replays and mark your
calendar for the upcoming True Scrap III in April 2012, then

3)  leave a comment, a review or your burning questions
on this or a previous episode and I’ll answer them lickety split!

Have a ScrapHappy week! See you next Wednesday!




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