Ep 34 Layout a Day – The Podcast: Starting Off Right

by Lain Ehmann on January 4, 2012


   Happy 2012!!!

Did you make a Scrapbook
Resolution? Would you like to
get this year started off right?
Well, you are in the right place!
Join me as I discuss

*setting practical scrapbook goals for this year,

*focusing on the process instead of the outcome,

*cultivating relationships both on and off my pages, and

*continuing to bring the love of scrapbooking to all!

Need more information about something I mentioned?
Just click on these links!

Get your own copy of  Snippets from Amazon here, or order directly from me (autographed!) here (free shipping in the US!).

Take a look at 20 Simple Secrets of Happy Scrapbookers, which I coauthored with Stacy Julian.

Check out the Resolutions page with the free journaling download.
Find more info about Project Life here.

Take a look at Layout a Day (LOAD 212) and
register here. Make sure you check out the
Layout a Day Blog to read all about everything
that is going on now!

Keep up with the scrapbook phenomenon that is
True Scrap here and plan to join us in April.

Share your goals, resolutions, plans, thoughts,
ideas and questions in the comments section
below! I love to hear what you are up to and
what you think!

Thanks for joining me!
Happy Scrappy New Year!!






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