Ep 43: Layout a Day Scrapbooking Podcast: Stop the Insanity

by Lain Ehmann on March 14, 2012


scrapbooking podcast I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed
lately, maybe because of the piles of
unused supplies, unscrapped photos,
and untold stories that are blocking
my brain! In this episode, I’ve got the
solution for Stopping the Scrapping
Insanity. You’ll learn…

* why I feel overwhelmed,

* what I discovered will help me scrap more,

* the best question to ask yourself regarding scrapping,

* where the problem is, and

* what Aby Garvey says about clutter and how it may help.

Here are the links from this episode:
True Scrap
Layout a Day
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today so you have access to the event!)
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Leave a message, comment, thought, idea, solution, question
or concern to keep the conversation flowing! Let me know how
you blow through the scrapper’s block and get back to being

Have a Scrappy Week! ‘See’ you next week!

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