Ep 67 Simple Scrapbooking Podcast: All About Vision Boards

by Lain Ehmann on November 21, 2012


What are vision boards?

Maybe you’ve heard about them in terms of “The Secret” (ugh!) or Pinterest. But most discussions of vision boards leave out a lot of the details – so that’s why I talked to business coach AND scrapbooker Sue Painter!

Sue shares her deep experience with vision boards as a practitioner, as a coach, and as an instructor. We cover things like:

  • What exactly is a vision board?
  • How do I make one?
  • What do I do with it once I’ve made it?
  • How do I make it “work” for me?
  • …and more!

Take a listen, and then make sure to check out these resources mentioned in today’s podcast:

Sue Painter’s blog

The Layout a Day calendar feature

Scrapbook Improv

Your Stories, Your Life (starting Dec. 3!)

P.S. The 12 Deals of Christmas is coming 12/1! Make sure you’re signed up for the Layout a Day email list to receive your gift guide!

 image courtesy of wisewellwoman/Flickr

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