Quick and Easy Scrapbook: Tiny Little Mini-Album

by Lain Ehmann on November 3, 2010

The little darling “Reasons Why” mini-scrapbook!


People often ask me where I get my inspiration. The truth is, I don’t know! I will be walking around and something just grabs me. And one of my favorite place to troll for ideas is the dollar section of TCSTSNBN*. I saw this cute little calendar keychain (though why someone would buy a calendar so small you couldn’t actually write anything on and hook it onto their purse or belt loop is beyond me… but who am I to ask why??) and I immediately knew I could create something cute. So I bought one.

*The Craft Store that Shall Not Be Named


-Silly keychain calendar

-Three pieces of coordinating cardstock (you will not need the whole sheet)

-Several sheets of coordinating patterned paper (ditto — I used samples of the 7Gypsies papers they handed out at CHA. In fact, the ONLY free thing I’ve ever received from 7Gypsies, but I digress…)

-Rub-on alphas or stamps (I used American Crafts Minimarks)

-Rub-on numbers (I used 7Gypsies — they came in a whole sheet and I only needed a few)

-3/8″ circle punch

-Metal tabs (I used Heidi Swapp in orange and yellow)

-A variety of deco-edge scissors (I used Fiskars portable trimmer with changeable blades and Provo Craft scalloped scissors)

-Corner rounder (I used Creative Memories)

-2″ square punch (I used EK Success)

-Adhesive (I used a plain ole’ glue stick)



Step One: Admire the lovely classic car on the cover of your calendar and bemoan the fact that you will be soon covering it up. Boohoo.


Step Two: Assemble your materials. Measure the cover and cut 12 squares of cardstock and 11 squares of patterned paper. (I ripped two months from my little calendar because I wanted to go with the “10 reasons” theme. You could just as easily do “11 reasons,” or “12 reasons,” or rip out half the book if you’re making it for someone you really don’t like all that much and you can’t think of more than 5 or 6 reasons… but in that case you might want to reassess and make the book for someone else. I mean, it is a lot of work… but you decide).


Step Three: For the cover, use the pinking blade on the trimmer or your deco scissors to trim the bottom of the cardstock and adhere to cover.


Step Four: Adhere patterned paper and cardstock through the book, putting cardstock on the left-hand side and the covers. The right-hand side, through process of elimination, will be patterned paper. I bet you figured that out already.


Step Five: Realize that you got so wrapped up in the CSI New York episode you are watching (the one where the construction worker is killed from a frozen “poopsicle” falling from a plane on its descent into La Guardia) that you forgot to take pictures there for a minute. Rectify the situation by taking a cute — though pretty much worthless — “beauty” shot of the book all spread out.


Step Six: Go through the book and trim the pages to different lengths using the deco scissors, the corner rounders, and the trimmer blades.


Step Seven: Work on the cover. I mounted a small square of Scenic Route patterned paper and used the rub-ons to add the title (very original, don’t you think?).


Step Eight: Using the circle punch and the metal tabs, add one tab per page and label with the rub-ons. Realize you got carried away for a minute again and forgot to take photos. Darned CSI.


Step Nine: Put CSI on pause and run into the other room to use the computer. Create a 2×2″ text box in Word (“Insert” –> “text box”), choose a font and size you like, and type in your ten (or 11 or 12 or 6)  reasons. While you are there, resize corresponding photos to approximately 2×2″ and print everything out.


Step Ten: Cut everything out. I chose to leave a white border on my photos so they would stand out a bit from the patterned paper.


Step Eleven: Adhere photos and text squares to corresponding pages.


Step Twelve: You’re done! Put the keychain back on if you removed it and smile. Another present crossed off your list.

Note: I purposely kept this simple because it’s for my husband. I was thinking about adding tags, ribbons, etc., but I want this to be something he can toss in his briefcase or suitcase while he’s traveling, so I kept it really plain. No, I wasn’t wimping out on you. It was a design decision! 😉

Variations: Just brainstorming here… a cute teacher book, new mom shower advice book, coupon book, etc… I am sure there are a million more uses but my brain is tired and my husband is leaving for Boston in less than 12 hours, so I’d better go downstairs and give this to him.

P.S. This project first appeared on my “other” scrapbooking blog. I thought I’d share it here because it’s “that time of year” and it’s the only scrapbook that my husband has in his office. That says something, now, doesn’t it?? 😉

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