Another Favorite Scrapbook Layout

by Lain Ehmann on April 2, 2012

simple scrapbook ideas

Here’s another favorite scrapbook layout of mine. In the last year or so, I’ve been digging into my inherited photos and scrapbooking pages that in some cases, I wasn’t even around for!

If you’re scrapbooking a photo or memory you weren’t directly involved in, here are some tips:

-Focus on the facts. While you may not know how people felt, you probably do know the who-what-when of the circumstance.

-Ask for input. Don’t hesitate to involve others in your scrapbooking by asking them what they recall.

-Make connections. While you can’t speak to the certain event as it occurred then, you can replect on how people have (or haven’t) changed, what the photo makes you think of, and other connections to the present.

Remember that no one photo is going to tell a complete story. Instead, each one is a puzzle piece that contributes to the overall story. This one scrapbook layout won’t “tell it all,” but it can tell something!

simple scrapbooking layouts


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