Scrapbook Mini-Album Ideas

by Lain Ehmann on September 19, 2010

Mini-albums are some of my favorite projects. They are a fast and fun way to scrapbook a lot of photos quickly. While scrapbooking is not all about speed, it certainly can give one a feeling of accomplishment! And in a world where laundry springs up faster than new rumors about Miley Cyrus, actually getting something DONE ranks high on my list of happy things.

I also love that I can create them from odds and ends of leftovers — chipboard, patterned paper, ribbons, etc. Whatever happens to be lying on my desk when I get started! 😉

When I saw the mini-album Stacy Julian has put together for her son’s senior year, I immediately thought of all the cool themes that could be done in a similar way. Here’s a list of mini-album ideas that you can feel free to use as your own:

  • Summer highlights mini-album. Make a list of what adventures you want to undertake during the summer, and then create an album documenting them.
  • Kindergarten mini-album. Take a photo a day — or just a photo on the first day of each month. Have your child write his or her name to accompany the photo (**I’m doing this one!**)
  • Pregnancy mini-album. A photo of each week… accompanied by Mom and Dad’s journaling. Sweet!
  • Birthday mini-album. For one year, take similar photos of every family member on his or her birthday. Pair the photos with a questionnaire (favorites, dreams, lessons learned).
  • Family Rules mini-album. Each family has its own rules (one of ours is, always eat ice cream with a fork. Why? Because it’s a rule!). Document these rules in a fun ongoing album.
  • “Who Loves You?” mini-album. So cute for a toddler or baby, with photos of extended family members (and maybe a note from them to the special child, too!).

P.S. Got some great mini-album ideas? Do share! I’ll include my faves in an upcoming blog post.

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