Scrapbook Organization: How to Organize Your Cardstock Scraps

by Lain Ehmann on April 9, 2013

We had an invigorating conversation over on the Layout a Day Facebook page about how to organize your cardstock scraps. Apparently, there are two camps: The Dump-n-Go, and the Librarian. Watch this short video for ideas on how you can organize your leftovers for easy access:

Now you: How do YOU organize your paper scraps? Leave us a comment to let us know!


P.S. If you want more information and ideas about organizing your scrapbooking supplies, check out this class from Aby Garvey of Get Organized and Make the Most of Your Scrapbooking Space:

#organize your #scrapbooking supplies with Aby Garvey! One-hour video class only $9.99.


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