Free Scrapbook Sketches: Five Free Sites, Part One

by Lain Ehmann on August 22, 2010

Five free #scrapbook #sketch sites from Five free #scrapbook #sketch sites from

Scrapbookers love scrapbook sketches! I have to admit, I am much more likely to grab a magazine and find inspiration there, but you all tell me over and over again that you LOVE YOUR SKETCHES. So here you go… five sites for free scrapbook sketches.

1. Becky Higgins. I honestly don’t know how legal this site is, but it includes 74 of Ms. Higgins’ sketches for your scrapping enjoyment.

2. Pagemaps. If Becky Higgins is the queen of scrapbook sketches, then Becky Fleck is the princess (what IS it with the Beckys, anyway? No wonder I can’t get famous. I need to change my name!). I love that you can buy digi templates that match the month’s sketches, too. What a great idea.

3. Card Positioning Systems. I know, it’s for cards. But I love this site! And you COULD adjust the sketches for pages. 🙂 I think their design team just does an overall fabulous job and I love looking at the cards. It makes me happy.

4. Ella Publishing. Ella recently ran a series of sketch challenges on their blog, with some fabulous results. Even though it’s not a regular feature, stop by and check it out! And while you’re over there, take a gander at Ella’s sketches eBook, Stretch Your Sketches:

5. Pencillines. This is the newest site to me — I know a lot of people swear by them, so definitely worth a look.

More tomorrow!

P.S. If you want a book of sketches for your very own, there are a couple of options:

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