Scrapbook Stories: Celebrate Monday

by Lain Ehmann on August 30, 2010

I love this weekly challenge from Jen at Simple Scrapper: Share a photo, and then spend a few minutes getting at the story behind the photo. Scrapbooking at its sparest!

This was a rainy day this past spring, before Callie’s karate class in Bedford, MA. I love the bright splashes of yellow in her boots and umbrella — they remind me of the sunshine this little girl adds to my life. She doesn’t see a puddle of dirty water; she sees an adventure waiting to happen. She doesn’t see a bent-up umbrella; she sees a magic parasol with the ability to transform the everyday into a spectacular event.

Callie has the rare ability to be happy, where she is, just because she’s surrounded by the people she loves. If she’s near me, she’s okay. She trusts me completely, and I find myself wanting to be a better person so I never let her down or disappoint her. She brings out the very best in me just because she expects the best to happen.

I love that about her.

P.S. Want to join in this storytelling carnival? Pop on over to Simple Scrapper and share YOUR scrapbook stories.

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