Four Ways to Create Stellar Scrapbooking Pages – Fast!

by Lain Ehmann on January 21, 2012

scrapbooking ideas simpleAs I mentioned in an email I sent out the other day to The Dot, I’ve been cranking out the layouts for LOAD212. In some cases, I’ve been creating two or more layouts per day! That’s not to say that all I’ve been doing is creating, though. The layouts are just part of the process of preparation for LOAD. I also have to create videos, provide a delivery mechanism, handle customer questions, and keep the rest of my business going. Watching myself go through the process has been a lesson for me; not only have I watched my response to the time pressure, I’ve also had to come up with some strategies for keeping the inspiration flowing.

When you’re scrapbooking a layout (or more) a day, you have to approach things a little differently. You can’t just figure you’ll take all the time you’ll need to choose the absolute right brad, or that you’ll set the whole project aside for a few hours to let it settle. You have to produce, and you have to produce NOW. I shared some ways for doing this in the email I sent out, but I thought I’d share a few more here:

Keep it simple. Yeah, I’ve got lots of scrapbooking ideas. Simple is best, though, when you’re under pressure. That means setting aside the fancy-schmancy techniques and the multistep process that require hours of drying time. Instead, think “grab and go.” Rather than creating your own layered embellishments from scratch, this is the time to reach for pre-made accents, or go for a minimalist approach.

Choose one area to focus on. Think about your scrapbook layout like an outfit. Pick an accent area and keep the rest the equivalent of “basic black.” Maybe you want to use one single photo, coupled with multiple patterned papers. Or you want the “wow” item to be the title cut by your Silhouette Cameo and over-stamped, like Nichol Magouirk does with such great impact. Or maybe you have a lot of text, so the rest of the page will be minimal. Even though it might feel unbalanced to play up one element so much, it works, just like a “statement necklace” or bright-red lipstick can carry a whole look.

Use a tried-and-true design. I have several simple scrapbooking layout designs I turn to over and over again. By using different products, photos, and page orientations, I can create a very different result. If you review just about any designer’s body of work, you’ll see the same basic scrapbooking layouts used time and again.

Repeat products. Once you’ve got a set of coordinated products on your scrap desk, why not use them in the next layout, and the next, and the next? That doesn’t mean you have to use them in the exact same manner, but you can use a patterned paper as the base on one layout, then use a strip of it on the second layout, and then punch a circle out of it for a third layout. Use the same products in different amounts and different ways. The end result will be substantially different.

You may never need to create multiple layouts in a single day. You may never need to create layouts under time pressure. But if you do, (like if you choose to take part in LOAD212 – and I hope you will!), these tips will give you a running start. Just remember that simple is good. Simple is good. Simple is… you get the picture. 🙂

P.S. We’ve got 300 people signed up for LOAD212. Will you take the challenge? 

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