Scrapbooking Mini-Album: The Little Things Gift Album

by Lain Ehmann on August 26, 2010


If you are like me, you have at least a handful of friends and/or relations who (gasp) DO NOT SCRAPBOOK. I know, it’s strange but true. They have thus far resisted our attempts to convert them and fold them into the coven. Ah, well. There’s always next year.

In the meantime, they might appreciate a little something to help them capture those everyday moments that might otherwise go undocumented. You know, the funny things the kids say. The way the hubby always turns the car on in the winter to get it all toasty warm before the family heads off to school. The way they always have homemade chicken noodle soup every Sunday after church during the winter. You know, all those things that usually won’t make it in a journal or onto a scrapbook page.

This album is perfect for non-scrappers (or scrappers, too!) because it’s small and non-intimidating. The journaling spots are concise, and photos can be added — or not. It could be used to document a whole week, a collection of things from one day, or any combination. You know the drill.

One of the best things about it is that it could easily be made from scraps you have leftover from other projects. Score! A holiday gift that doesn’t cost anything!! Woohoo! More money for Hambly!


1 sheet of 12×12 chipboard

2 sheets cardstock

Hole punch (I used my handy-dandy Cropadile)

Cardstock stickers (I used My Mind’s Eye)

Letter stickers (I used American Crafts vinyl letter thickers and Scenic Route alphas)

Binder ring

Glue stick

Rub-ons and other embellishments (I used Stemma)

Ribbon scraps

Journaling stamps (I used Kelly Panacci for Sandylion and Technique Tuesdayhere and here).


1. Trim chipboard to eight 3″x6″ pieces. Trim both pieces of cardstock to the same size. Due to the magic of mathematics, you will use all SIXTEEN pieces of cardstock. Wonder how that works? Two sides of eight pieces equals 16. (You still with me? I promise the math won’t get any more complex than this).

2. Using the gluestick and your rear end, adhere the cardstock to both sides of the chipboard. Use whatever color order you want (both sides the same color, alternating, random, whatever). Want to know what I mean about your rear? The heat and pressure of your bum make the paper adhere better. Donna Downey calls this “using your assets.” I bet you’re wondering why I don’t have a photo of this. Hahaha.


3. Punch a hole through the center of one side, where you want to join the book. Use the cardstock stickers to add a border on the opposite side of each “page.” Again, alternate the colors and patterns however you want.


4. Take a break and admire your work. This is a good time to arrange the “pages” in your desired order. (Yes, I will allow changes later, but it may get a little dicey, so you may as well get it out of the way now).


5. Using letter stickers, spell out “The Little Things” on the page deemed “the cover.” (Other possible titles: Everyday Moments, Our Life, Stuff, etc.)


6. Embellish cover and inside pages with stickers and rub-ons.


7. Use journaling block stickers to add journaling spots to each page.


8. Repeat.


9. Repeat.


10. Etc.


11. Add the binder ring. Smile — this is looking pretty cool!


12. Add ribbon.


13. And if you are daring, add this cute little stamp on the back. Enjoy!

Other options: First day of school album, holiday journal, friends scrapbook, etc. Go with it!

P.S. This post first appeared on my “other” scrapbooking blog in 2007. With my recent evangelism for mini-albums, I thought I’d share it again here!

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