Scrapbooking Style: Becky Higgins Shares the Way It Used to Be

by Lain Ehmann on December 21, 2010

I was on my regular crawl around the web and came across this fantastic video from Becky Higgins with some shots of her old scrapbooks. Wow! I remember scrapbooking much like she did — tons of pages, tons of embellishments, tons of stickers. Times are different now!

Here’s the video where she walks through some of her pages:

…and as a special treat, here are some of my old scrapbooking pages!

These are from 2001, deep in my Creative Memories days. Nothing wrong with that. 🙂

These have never seen the light of day before! 🙂

And even though they are ANCIENT, I do see some seeds of what my scrapbooking would evolve into:

-Handwritten journaling

-Linear design

-Capturing snippets of conversation

This week, if you have a chance, go back and look through some of YOUR old albums. Tell me what you discover! I’d love to hear.

P.S. As it’s the holiday week, I am taking the next few days off to visit with friends and family. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon!

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