Scrapbooking Style: Developing Your “Look”

by Lain Ehmann on August 30, 2010

I am a dedicated Autumn Leaves fan. My nightstand pick is The Look Book. One of my favorite parts of this particular book is all the little quizzes and interview questions sprinkled through the book. Who cares about the scrapbook layouts? I’d rather hear the details about the PROCESS. (Well, I guess the layouts are pretty cute, too).

I thought as a little treat today, I’d answer the same questions that were posed to the AL gals. That way I can at least pretend that I’m cool:

What part of creating a page do you enjoy most?
While the chance to use many of my favorite elements — graphic design, writing, paper, embellishments — is exciting, and while I love documenting my family’s history, I have to say that my absolute favorte part of scrapbooking is the peanut M-n-Ms.

Do your styles of dressing or decorating your home mimic your style of scrapbooking?
Oh, most definitely. After all, the whole house (and my entire wardrobe) is covered with adhesive squares and scraps of paper — much like my layouts. And my layouts usually have more than a few fingerprints — much like my house.

Who or what inspired you to start scrapbooking?
I had to find SOMETHING to do with all the patterned paper, buttons, ribbon, and other goodies I’d amassed.

When did your style click for you?
As soon as I realized I’d never have more than fifteen minutes to spend on a page. And as soon as I realized doodling makes my pages look like a seventh-grader’s math notebook.

Do you have any tips for recording memories until you can scrapbook them?
Crayon on used paper napkins works great.

Why does scrapbooking make you happy?
How could it not?

P.S. Want some help developing or decoding your style? Then check out my awesome new self-paced class, “Define Your Style from A to Z.” In 31 days, you’ll have a great handle on just what makes your scrapbooking tick! Based on my popular Layout a Day class from May, 2010, we’ll walk through the alphabet together, defining your style as we go.

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