Shimelle Laine, True Scrap Instructor!

by Lain Ehmann on March 15, 2011

Over the next weeks, I’m going to be including some fun interviews with our True Scrap instructors. Today, we have…

Shimelle Laine!

About her class:

No matter what the TV announcers and newspapers say, times are still tight. Even though we consider it a necessity, scrapbooking may seem like a luxury item, so why not learn to make the most of what you have? Shimelle is an expert at doing more with less, and she’s going to teach True Scrap students some innovative, fun, and eye-catching ways to get creative with products and tools you already own.

And now, for our five-minute interview:

The last scrapbooking product you purchased:

Adhesive! While we were traveling, we passed a Japanese stationery shop that sold Kokuyo adhesives, so I grabbed a couple.  They make a teeny-tiny adhesive roller that is my favourite but tough to find outside Asia!

If you had a crafting/photography super power, it would be…

The ability to make a project without completely trashing my workspace.  In reality, no matter how hard I try to stay tidy, as soon as I start to make something, the supplies are flying everywhere!

The last photo you took:

The sky tower in Auckland, New Zealand, this morning on our walk to breakfast!  It’s our last day in NZ as I write this, and it’s bittersweet – New Zealand is an amazing place to visit.

The best book you read in 2011:

2010 was a year of indulging my love of Margaret Atwood, and I read many of her short stories that I had somehow missed over the years. When I was an English teacher, her classic Handmaid’s Tale was one of my favourite texts to teach.  Everything she writes seems a bit magical to me, and in 2010 I spent quite a lot of time reading her lesser-known works, like volumes of poetry and even some children’s stories.  Pure literary luxury!

You’ll look at your leftover supplies and materials in a whole different way after spending time with Shimelle! Join us at True Scrap, April 7-9!

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