Simple Scrapbooking Inspiration: Easy Ways to Up Your Game

by Lain Ehmann on December 28, 2010


We use a lot of sports metaphors around my house. So that’s why when I was thinking about writing this post to inspire you in your scrapbooking for the new year, “upping your game” came immediately to mind. And that’s what I’m hoping to give you the inspiration to do in this short list: Ten ways to get your scrapbook mojo moving!

1. Take a class. There are so many great websites offering online scrapbooking classes these days that you don’t have an excuse for not partaking! Whether you want to take a self-paced class to learn more about page design or jump into a year-long class on incorporating your One Little Word into your life, you can find inspiration and support through online classes. And they’re sure to jazz up your scrapbooking!

2. Start a blog. If you don’t already have a blog, get one! They’re a fantastic way to share your scrapbooking with the world, capture journaling for future pages, and create community. (Psst: I wrote a great article on why scrapbookers need blogs. Check it out!) If you need hints on blogging, leave me a comment. I’m putting together a guide for scrapbookers who want to start a blog, and I’d love your input!

3. Teach someone to scrapbook. By sharing my love of scrapbooking with someone else, I’ve noticed that not only do I learn how to distill the basics in a simple-to-convey manner;  I also fall in love with this incredible hobby all over again! There’s something about teaching someone about the joys of documenting your life stories that re-energizes you as well.

4. Make a list of stories to capture. It’s so easy to let another day go by without creating a list of the stories that have been bouncing around in your brain. Especially after the holidays, you’re probably brimming with new stories to share, big and small. I know, I know… you think you’ll remember. But trust me, you won’t. Write ’em down and get ’em out of your head.

5. Pick up a new book. There are some great scrapbooking books on the market right now, including Wendy Smedley’s Start Scrapbooking: Your Essential Guide to Recording Memories and Becky Fleck’s Scrapbook Page Maps 2. Don’t want to wait for delivery from Amazon? Then head over to Ella Publishing Co. and grab Double-Page Design: Creating two-page layouts that really shine. Books like these are chock-full of fantastic inspiration and fun ideas.

6. Take a challenge. You know which one I recommend. 🙂

7. Learn something new. Brush up your digi skills, finally learn how to color-correct your photos, or pull out your sewing machine and stitch on a layout. Every new skill you learn will inspire you to learn more and more.

8. Do “A Day in the Life.” Carry your camera with you all day, and take a photo at least every hour. Create a mini-album or a single-page layout with the resulting images. (I’m going to try to do this every month this year!).

9. Take a look back. As I suggested in this post about my scrapbooking history, take a look at how you used to scrapbook. Don’t be mortified by what you see from years past — it’s all part of the journey! Enjoy this flashback and see what you can learn. What pages do you like the best? Which ones could you do without? Which products do you still adore? Which ones make you go “Hmmm…”?

10. Drop something. What’s one thing you’ve got on your list of “must do” pages that you aren’t thrilled with, or that you’d rather spend the afternoon watching reruns of “Blossom” than undertake? What’s something you’ve got in your stash that you’re hesitant to let go of (maybe it was a gift, or maybe you spent more money than you should on it), but you know you’ll never use? Go ahead, cross it off your list or take it off your shelf. Get rid of it, guilt-free. You have my permission. 🙂

11. Get inspired. Yeah, I know — I said “Ten Ways.” But I couldn’t resist — check out this “Why I Scrapbook” video I just put together. Make sure to watch to click over to the mailing list page — sign up so you can get some great goodies! I’m working on my next video right now. 🙂

P.S. Careful readers of this post will find a link to a secret page that will allow pre-enrollment for a certain February challenge that won’t OFFICIALLY be open for enrollment until 1/1. But go ahead and use it now if you must. 🙂

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